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Which Muscle Builder to Take?


Alright... So Biotest offers ZMA, Alpha Male, Carbolin 19, Methoxy-7, and M all for building muscle.

I am however on a budget and cant spend 400 a month on supps or more, so if you had to take just ONE, which ones gives the most bang for the buck.

BTW - As soon as i get a little more experienced, I think someone I know might have some of the OG MAG-10 layin' around for me. Destroyer style. I don't want to rush into anything though as I still don't have everything I need in order, which everyone says is the most important thing first.


That depends to a large extent upon your training goals and even more importantly your age!


Depends on your testosterone needs. But my gut reaction would be to say Carbolin 19 plus lots of food. Add some Low-Carb Grow! and Surge if your budget allows. Then maybe Methoxy-7 if you were to add another.

If you feel you need a test boost, then Alpha Male might help, but it isn't directly a "muscle builder". So if you're younger, you might get more bang-for-buck going with something else.


With all due respect, how can you recommend a "test boost" without first knowing his age and other related information?


If you'll look again, I put the burden for that decision on him. I merely offered options.


Start with ZMA. Anyone and everyone, regardless of age/sex/training should be on it. Plus its cheap. Then go from there regarding age/sex/training/test etc...


Well I'm only 20 and my hair is falling out so I assume my test levels are in order. I was just curious as to which one would be the most beneficial because they all claim to do the same thing.

What is the difference in them besides the mechanism of how they work?

I am definitely going to grab some ZMA, at only 9 dollars its a steal not to if it does in fact work... and hell, even if it only gets me to sleep better that is worth every penny.


Where do they all claim to do the same thing? Have you read the product threads in detail?


This is not an indication that your Testosterone level is high, low, or medium.


$400 a month for supps will be way more then enough. it should cover all of your Grow! and Surge needs as well as a nice Alpha Male, Carbolin 19 and Methoxy-7 stack. I had nice results on this stack for 10 days. try it, i don't think you will be disappointed. laters pk


i just reread the post and it says don't have $400 to spend. then i would just stick to Grow!, Surge, and ZMA. If you can afford more i would go with a bottle of Carbolin 19 and then try out the other stuff by themselves to see which one gave you the best results. sorry for the previous posts but the 3 combined are a nice anabolic stack. laters pk


Not to rain sh*t on anyone's advice, but wouldn't it help if someone wanted to know how he is actually training, and how that is going. If his squat has only gone from 210 up to 240 in the last six months (not trying to be negative, he may be squatting 500 and be hyoooooge), would ANY supplement be the answer for him?

(I know, T-Nation is in the business of selling the supplements as well as providing the information, but why not make sure he is making the most of the INFORMATION first?)


Cool... I don't really consider Grow! and Surge supps anymore, I just take them as if i NEED them. I consider Grow! to be a part of my everyday food and Surge is just what I take every time i workout, no questions asked.

It sounds like ZMA is a no brainer to me,9 bucks and better sleep?

Which would be better between Carbolin 19 and Methoxy-7 if i had to choose one?