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Which Movies Help You Stick to Your Diet?


fight club
casino royale
enter the dragon

almost as an afterthought
predator/arnold movies NOT entitled pumping iron. the "cumming" monologue is absolutely fucking embarrassing


Fast Food Nation, Super Size Me, Forks Over Knives, any of the docs on modern food consumption...the things that 95% of people ingest are disgusting.


The Nutty Professor (with eddie murphy)
Big Mommas House 1-3
Mrs Doubtfire


Slow Torture Puke Chamber


Passion of the Christ

Torture porn generally kills my appetite.


I don't "diet" per se, but movies that keep me motivated to continue working on my physique:

Charlie's Angels
American Psycho
anything with Matthew McConaughey
There's Something About Mary
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Fast Times at Ridgemont High


T2, definitely - looking at Linda Hamilton keeps me on track.



I always feel like ripping people apart after watching that movie.


Diet? What diet?


Do you put this movie in every thread with any discussions about movies?


Reviewing your post, I find it funny that you list Fight Club seeing as the message of the novel was essentially a refusal of the trappings of modern life and a move towards total anarchy and freedom from what we're "supposed" to be.


Watching her run with that bucket of fried chicken wasn't good for anyone.



Don't front dj. You love some teen ebony bbw.

That's how you were able to find tat pic so fast. It was bookmarked already.

Jungle fever havin. Chubby chasin muthafucka


Do music videos count:
Dr. Dre/Eminem ( I need a doctor )
50 Cent ( In the Club )

MOvies Like; Transporter (1-3)


That one with Ben Afflecks roid rage meltdown


He flipped out and swallowed a bottle of pills or some shit right? Because that's how people do cycles right? A megadose of dbol?


No, but I thought this one was appropriate. The scene where Elizabeth Taylor is aggressively flirting with the young guy and asking him about his boxing days and if he's still in fighting shape makes me want to stay young and lean well into my 40's so that my wife and I don't end up the same way as George and Martha in that movie.


Hahahahahahahahahaha I am what I am


Yeah, but if Tyler was supposed to be Jack's anarchist alter-ego, why was he well built, good in bed, and handsome? Durden may have represented ACTIVE anarchy to Jack, but he LOOKED like what damn near every young male wanted to look like.

Even if the message of the novel was as you say, I don't think that's the point of the thread topic.