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Which MMA System?

Can anyone recommend which MMA system to buy if I had to pick just one?
Cosgrove’s, Ferruggia’s, Even Esh’s, Diesel Crew’s? What makes it confusing is that these guys all know each other and recommend each other’s program.

And if I were to buy 2-4 of them, I’m sure I would be overcome by analysis paralysis or information constipation. Additionally the ROI for purchasing additional programs would be diminished as I would think that there would also be considerable overlap. Appreciate any inputs. Thanks.

um, you’ll probably see a lot of overlap as these guys tend to agree with each other for the most part.

I would have to go with diesel crew though. Let me know if you buy that one.

I mean no disrespect, but I’m gonna assume you are recreational because if you were high level amateur or professional, cost wouldn’t be an issue and you’d probably buy all of them.
My advice is to save your money and follow Chad’s Hammer Down routines- don’t overlook them because they’re free. Or follow Chad’s TTT and “sprint” 1.5 to 2 miles twice a week.

Before I joined the military, I was doing bjj 3 x’s a week and I was doing a traditinal bodybuilding routine to develop some mass and I was running the 2 miles hard twice a week to get ready for bootcamp. I did leg plyos once a week and explosive pushups once a week. That alone got me in great shape and I rarely gassed out and lasted longer than almost everyone in class, because you see, most people in your class are recreational too and not hardcore.

The programs are geared to “hardcore” guys or professionals or those with professional aspirations (If this is you, then get cosgrove’s first, then ferruggia’s then diesel crew’s, then even-esh’s) but the ads are written for info junkies - guys who just have to know what a good MMA program is or for guys who have convinced that they “may need it just in case”. Chances are you’ll just put it on your shelf.
Save your money and you could just about buy 4 containers of Metabolic Drive.


Also, I believe John Hackleman of the Pit has put out a DVD recently which is like CrossFit with MMA specific exercises (stuff like sprawls and scarecrows I’d imagine) mixed in.

Good luck!

I like Martin Rooney’s book and dvd’s and you might want to look at Juan Carlos and Rhadi’s stuff. The SAID dvd for grappling/mma etc is good conditioning.