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Which Method to Try Again?


I got into power lifting in 2008/2009 starting off with the Rippetoe method, I lifted w/ my boyfriend and then he discovered westside barbell and louie simmons and dave tate. so in 2009/2010 we invested time and money to the westside barbell method which worked really good for us especially me.

I've squatted 150lbs.; bench pressed 95lbs. (a big step for me cuz i reached my first goal of benching w/ 25's lbs. on the bar); deadlifted 185lbs.
not to mention what the good mornings did for my back and spinal erectors. I have a broad back and it made my backside look sexy, not manly, and stronger since i have lower back problems.

I also have never been able to do one single pull-up on my own, even at my most athletic when i was younger. I could hold myself up there for a minute and a half, but never could do a pull-up, i guess i lacked the upper body strength, go figure with a back like mine...
but with the westside barbell training i did three pull-ups on my own. It was a joyful moment for me at 28 years old (now 29) that i not only did one pull-up, but three, that i couldn't do as a young energetic, vigorous, teenager.

Well to the point in question of my post. I have not worked out, and i mean nothing, not even cardio, since July of 2010. it's been nine months since i've lifted any weights, I lost my muscle mass that I worked so hard for in November, I know because of the drastic loss in weight i went through and with no working out what so ever.

I haven't been struggling with being to overweight, i've bounced between 120lbs. and 135lbs. the past nine months, so I've just been out of shape (thank god), I weighed 145lbs. w/ 23% body fat when i did workout, and you wouldn't think it to look at me. the muscle really weights alot.

I'm going to start training again tomorrow for the first time in months, and I am stumped on whether to start off w/ ripetoe again till i get to an intermediate weight again or my boyfriend said that westside has a program for beginners.

I probably should go to westside since it's done so well for me in the past, it's just that when explained to me of what the exercises consisted of, it no where involves the lifting of the 45lbs. bar at all and for quite some time, alot of supplement workouts and accessories. I just wonder how it brings my strength back to lift the bar once again when it doesn't involve it at all for quite some time.

Some much needed advice and opinions would be most helpful and appreciated asap. got 12 hours or so till I start my workout once again tomorrow.

the very anxious,



hey! why don't you check out the tried and true 5/3/1 plan if you really are set on using a plan. if you have no real idea what your strengths level is then start out slow and low wt and see what you can do, get back in to the swing.

not everyone uses or needs a plan, but it seems like you'd benefit from the orginazaion and its all spread otu for you. this should be fine if you are going a basic all around strength program.


there are lots of other options too, check around the site and the training logs and you'll get a few ideas