Which Metabolic Drive?

My brother and I are going to start a bulking cycle. He is bulking up for college football, I am going along with him as a lifting partner. We are planning on purchasing Surge, ZMA, Creatine, Flameout, and a Metabolic Drive.

So which one should we get,Metabolic Drive Complete or the other one? Is one superior for bulking or would either do?

Also I know that we need to eat a lot, and lift heavy, just thought I would head that one of at the pass.

Thanks for input.

Just normal Metabolic Drive, unless you plan using it as a meal replacement.

I recommend Metabolic Drive Complete.

Metabolic Complete. If you are bulking you don’t want to skimp on quality good carbs and calories. Metabolic Drive Super Protein Shake (low-carb) is ideal for those monitoring and lowering their carbohydrate intake usually for fat loss or just prefering a low carb diet. Being football players looking to bulk and burning a lot of calories through your sport Complete would be ideal.


Metabolic Drive Complete has lots of good stuff in it. But I’d also recommend Grow! Whey. It’s cheap and in addition to plenty of whole foods, it makes it easier to meet protein and calorie goals. Metabolic Drive Complete is great stuff and a good addition when bulking [or otherwise] but pretty pricey to rely on it for a decent amount of calories. A serving a day is all I use of it.

Thanks for the input everyone that responded. That cleared things up for me.