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Which Meal to Cut Carbs From?


Im currently following the carb cycling article on here for cutting has been going great was loosing 2lb a week but last week stayed the same so according to the article I should cut 20g carbs each day.

Im currently spread my carbs breakfast, PWO shake and Dinner after workout. Other meals are meat / green veg.

So does it matter which meal I cut the carbs from? I was thinking PWO shake would be easier as then I still get to eat all the real food?





I am with you on eating food but the carbs in dinner are less important than the shake. The shake is closer to when insulin sesitvity is high



Staying low carb into the afternoons and no carb in the evenings has always worked very well for me.


X2. Or is it X3?!

Btw, I have idea about insulin sensitivity, or cortisol level or any bio chemical stuff. All I know is that it works.


ok Thanks for the reaply guys, that settles that.


All of em! Get shreddedededed brah!!!!