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Which Mass Cycle?

I’m starting a new mass cycle in a week or so, and I’m wondering what people think of the Growth Surge Project. Right now, I’m 5’11" 150 with 5% body fat on my Tanita. What kind of gains could I expect on the Growth Surge Project, without any of the supplements besides creatine and the flax? Thanks for any ideas anyone has.

I’m pretty close to your stats… trying to get rid of as much fat as possible before I start a crazy bulking cycle in about two weeks. I’d be happy to join you in doing Growth Surge or Massive Eating then.

Without any of the supplements…probably alot more fat than you would like. Why not just put out the 60 bucks for a bottle of Mag-10 and make some serious serious gains? If you are going to put all the time and effort into Growth Surge, I would want to get as much as I possibly could out of it…Growth Surge is no joke hard work.