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Which Martial Art?


I'm thinking of taking up a martial art to work on agility, fitness, flexibility as well as self defence etc.
Which of the more well known ones are good? i want something that will push me athletically, and that makes use of weight training.


Whichever you enjoy. They will all make use of your strength.

I would suggest jujutsu or another grappling style, however your strength paradoxically may hold you back if you rely on it too much.

The important thing is that it's close, you respect the instructor and there are proficient students there to set the bar high.


Sxio, better advice I've not heard.


Thai boxing, greco/freestyle/catch wrestling, jujitsu/submission wrestling, boxing. Go along to a few - take part and see what suits.(inclusion of sparring is a good indicator though)


The ultimate, unbeatable martial art: Bullshido.



Muay Thai, the most physically demanding martial art you can do & one of the most devastating. The science of the eight limbs, fists, knees, elbows, feet. But if you are lucky enough to mix it up with other styles then go for it, as we all know, no one martial art is superior to another, just got to mix it up. But you nothing feels better when you power through a nice low round house and your kick travels through a a thai pad a foot thick and still the guy holding the pad winces at the pain :wink: That and being handy with your elbows and knees. Good Luck


The only one i can think of that meets your criteria is KYOKUSHIN. But as the others said mix it up and find one you enjoy


what do u guys think of this place?
it's nearby, and seems good, but i'm not sure what it would be like for a beginer (ie: too much varied info etc..)



The closest one to you! Be aware that you are going to have to travel to this place 3 or 4 days/week, for years! If it is far away, are you willing to make that committment? Willing to sit in traffic an extra 3 hours/week, for example?
If you live in LA or NY, this is not much of a problem. Lots of schools, lots of styles. Elsewhere, you may as well sign up at the nearest TKD or Karate school. There just isn't that much variety away from those places.


This will all depend entirely on the club you train at and what your instructor is like. It will also depend on how much effort you are willing to put in, and how much reading and thinking you do for yourself.

As far as the weight training goes - being stronger acts as a multplier for your techniques - one depends on the other.

Self-defence wise, it depends on whether your club will merely teach competition fightng and try and say "this will work in the street". I consider myself very lucky in having an instructor who teaches us with the core focus on self-defence: pre-emptive strikes, and such like, rather than pretending that sports-type competition training will be applicable in a real-world situation.

Visit some of the clubs you are thinking of joining and see exactly what it is you will be learning.


Hey! Just realised that clubis just up the A420 from me, I train in Swindon. PM me and I can let you know of anywhere decent in the Oxford area.