Which Makes Bigger Triceps: Bench Press or Overhead Press?

which one in your opinion contributes to make the triceps bigger: bench press or overhead press??
Very curious to hear ur experiences… for example lets say do 1 plate ohp makes them bigger than 2 plates bench??


Close grip bench or dips would be better for building your triceps, but you’re going to have to press more than a plate or two to see any significant results.


What if you can’t close grip 3 plates? You do dips then?

What I mean is if you want bigger triceps then you also need to get stronger because nobody lifting those sort of weights has big triceps. The biggest thing is going to be training consistently and eating enough to grow.

Here are some other exercises I find useful for building triceps:
Close grip board press (2-3 boards depending on arm length, makes it more tricep-dominant since you don’t get that extra speed off the chest)
Slingshot bench - close or medium grip
JM press
any sort of tricep isolation exercise
Bench with bands, reverse bands, or chains - can be close grip too, don’t overdo it with the bands or your elbows will be sorry

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I love floor presses supersetted with some type of cramping tricep exercise, like kickbacks or pushdowns with a hold at the top. I’ve never got any tricep development from doing anything overhead.

By the way, I started this after age 50 and I’m getting new growth. (Natty)

I never got any sort of chest development from flat bench, only arms. There are much better options for building triceps, but if we’re just answering the OP’s question, which is, between the two, which is better for building triceps, I’m going with bench.


Bench. But, BTN press is pretty good as well if you can actually move some real weight. Bench tends to allow for much greater overload and the form is a lot easier to adapt to your desired development. Arm angles and grip widths and accessory work with boards are all something that doesn’t really go with the territory doing overhead.

Between bench and overhead bench wins because you can do way more weight. Closegrip bench and dips are my favorite mass builders for triceps.

Push press! Take those dumb shoulders and chest out of it. All tri, all day baby

To your question, bench.
Better than that: floor press and press downs

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