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Which Machines Do You Max Out?


This is a bragging rights thread, but I'm also curious if some machines are easier to max out than others.

List the machines you currently max out in your gym. We're talking about a regular working set, not just a one rep max.

For me, it's:

Decline bench press
Leg press
Underhand row
Standing calf press
Seated triceps pushdown

The machine I'm furthest from maxing out is the incline bench press. It will be a long time before that happens.


Machine leverages vary by maker and even model/age. I have used hammer strength machines at different gyms which look the same, yet can hold a different amount of plates.


All of them except for the Hammer Strength high row. I usually only go up to 4 plates a side even though I have done more. Someone recommended putting plates on the handles of the HS machines for chest movements which does give me an option to go heavier now.


True waldo, but I bet there is still a pattern in the types of machines people tend to max out first.

PX: Which machines did you max out first and which came last? Or was it all around the same time?


Easily the HS isolateral row (one arm at a time for 12 or so reps) since it only holds up to 5 plates a side lol - i think most people go way too light on this to do much good, the lat pulldowns and (hopefully soon) the HS shoulder press. Way too weak on the HS incline though :frowning:


All of em except for the machine decline press and obviously cable flys lol


Only back and trap machines. I am weak on pressing and rarely used leg machines until recently, so I have YET to stack them for working sets.


I think the first machine I ever maxed out was a triceps press down machine. The first time I maxed out the HS incline press I thought I was Superman.



First time I maxed out a tricep pushdown machine I was thinking I was the man!!!........then a big fella in the gym came along and warmed up using the stack before doing NGBP.....that was an ego dent.


wait, your not superman? Damnit I was so convinced, I have a board in my room with pictures and everything...

Back on topic, standing calf raise, and tricep pulldowns. And thats it, I don't use many machines.


The Beavertron


The Smith Machine


I also max out on the HS Isolateral low row. The one in our gym fits seven plates a side. Bareley. Usually I have to get my training partner to place his fingertips on the last plate during a set.


I maxed out a treadmill once, it was messy.


What do you do when you max out on that machine? Do you try different Rep schemes? Im close to maxing out on standing Face pulls im thinking after i Max im gonna go and do Sitting Face Pulls(which are alot harder for me).


the barbell


All the cable machines, I can do many reps of tricep pushdowns with the whole stack, but I'm sure everyone here can...


standing calf machine, on day I was using a chest press machine next to it and noticed someone loaded 5 wheels atop it, i thought holy fuck, who's the big bastard repping out w/ that shit. Five hundred plus the 225 extra, i tried and got 725lbs for seven good contracted and stretched reps, happily i went back to my chest work out feeling good.

1st machine-triceps pressdowns


I'm betting standing calf raise would top the list. Followed closely by nearly any sort of row or pulldown machine.


Most except the leg press that has 4 pegs and one vertically on top.

It can hold like 10 plates a peg, and if you use the big 100 pound plates that are tall and not wide, it can hold more weight than just about anyone can handle.

Cant max the hammer strength incline chest or shoulder press either it holds like 6 plates.