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Which Machine is Best for Fitness?


Hi, witch of these is beater for fitness:
1- cross trainer
2- stationery bike
3- treadmill

I know that running outside is the best but some times I can't and I need one of these to keep me fit.
Thank you




Stair sprints. Otherwise I go with the stationary bike because you can really gun it for HIIT though it has the tendency to overdevelop the quads.


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This is the STRENGTH forum!


I heard that running causes your quads to disappear!


I find the cross trainer ideal for a bit of afternoon mincing!


Definitely this:


bosu ball


Which one is 'beater' for fitness? A sledgehammer. You could probably beat all three of those machines for a really good workout.


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I once went to a gym that had that. lol.


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Well, depending on your goals.

If you're trying to get into "shape" as in following minimal recommendations for excercise by the medical community, then 30 minutes of anything that elevates your heart rate would be fine. If you have ambitious goals, then working up to very intense anaerobic sessions (sprinting, high intensity intervals) should give you physical adaptations that carry over to high performance.


Your body.
No, really. As a dude who spent 3 years selling fitness equipment, take it from me: most fitness machines should have a Yard Sale Price Tag pre-fixed to the console.

Spend some time reading around this site. Pour a coffee, try to approach this without any pre-conceived notions of 'fitness,' and spend a couple of hours reading. What are you trying to achieve?


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Get a dip/pullup station for overall strength if it fits your house/apt.

I'm thinking you mean cardiovascular fitness than choose either the treadmill or stationary bike.


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