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Which Lift Is Your Cocaine?


At the gym I train at (CrossFit Memphis, best gym in TN) we have a deadlift platform with a set up specifically for deadlifting against bands. In the past, I'd pulled with chain weight, with reverse bands, all different kinds of DLs. I've always loved the DL and it's variations because of how pure a lift it is. My favorite was perhaps pulling from any kind of deficit.

Last week though, I finally decided to pull against bands. I had all these preconceived notions that it would control the bar and mess up my groove, or not feel natural, etc. However, by the time I was done, I was fully and completely, unapologetically, addicted to that exercise.

It's been over a week since I've done it, and I can't wait till I can do it again. I find myself thinking about dragging a pull up the thighs with all the band tension and weights forcing the weight down. I sit at work and imagine how it feels like I'm pulling against an immovable object that no matter how much I pull, will only move an inch at a time. If it wasn't hell on my body, I'd do a set with my morning coffee.

I may never break this obsession, nor am I sure I want to. I've made it through the first of the 12 steps (admission) but I don't see myself getting any further than that. Even if I break the compulsion, I wouldn't make it long before I relapsed.

I'm addicted.

What's your drug?



Definetly the Most fun and fulfilling lift for me.


Invictica beat me to it. Snatches are awesome when your body moves correctly and everything falls into place. I imagine doing them during class (as you do at work) because the completion of a perfect snatch is euphoric for me.




One arm bent rows.


I'm working on hitting the perfect snatch, hasn't happened yet. Come close once or twice. Like sitting in a great restaurant and smelling all the steak passing by, and waiting forever for yours to come. But when it comes it's going to taste so good.

Fuck now I'm hungry. But yeah, snatch/clean/jerk for me.


I'm really liking chinups right now. But in general, I agree with my bazzaro clone threewhitelights on the deadlift.

I've hit up to 465 with quadruple mini band tension. I don't remember, but I may have gotten a nosebleed.


Ive been thinking about this for about 20 minutes and honestly can think of just 1 lift. Squat, bench and deadlift all sound like you describe for me. If that made sense?


squat..... so addictive..... must... get.... low......



But I love how you boys describe hitting the perfect snatch, haha!


Box band squats


My favorite gym lift is the Push Press. It is one of my best lifts and I absolutely love pressing straight above my head it just feels so natural to other exercises.

Favorite all time though is lifting a Stone. Not Atlas Stones although they are fun I am talking about just rocks I happen to find and seeing who is better me or the rock.


I am just addicted to lifting. My life revolves around it, and I think about my forthcoming training session all day while I'm at work. On days that I don't lift, I am sad.

It's not like cocaine, it's more like meth or heroin.


I agree with steele nation now that I really thik about it but, push presses and rock lifting are still my favoite lifts.


Deadlift with Chains.

To me, there is nothing more badass then loading several hundred pounds on a bar, and adding massive chains on each side and making enough noise to get peoples attention as if your saying "I'm bigger, faster and stronger then you....and here is my proof"


i really like muscle ups
they make you feel like you are in such control of your body


When my wrist is being cooperative, front squats. Totally


I second that - not the drug addiction part, but the "your life sucks without lifting" part

I find my workouts that much more energized when I am visualizing the lifts I am going to do while at work - people think I'm daydreaming lol

For me it is a tie right now between DLs & squats (front/back)- no cocaine needed


Same here. Sometimes during meetings I doodle a stick figure man at various phases of the pull hitting those perfect positions.


Deadlift = Happy