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Which LabCorp Tests?

Going tomorrow to get some tests. I normally use my endo and endurance for these tests but I’ve been playing with my dose and I want to see where I’m at on my own.

I’m not really sure what I need, are these the correct tests?

Yeah, those are pretty good, though I haven’t bothered with estrodiol unless I’m symptomatic and I haven’t been. I always get a CBC as well, it’s pretty cheap and covers hematocrit, that way if you find its high sometime you have a record of how it’s been trending. I’m still a bit new to this, maybe someone else will have some suggestions.

TT/FT/E2 are the biggies if you don’t know your SHGB you need that. Also as wolf mentioned HCT is important since TRT can make your blood too thick.

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