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Which Labcorp Lab to Order?

I’m Currently using labcorp for bloodwork. Below was the before and after testosterone results of running my first test cycle last year at 500mgs for 16 weeks. I wanted this particular test done to ensure the source I was using was good and just to get an understanding of what my before and after results would look like. I’m happy with the results. (Side note: I cut out lexapro at 5mg per day in order to reduce the SHBG. Most doctors are completely unaware at how these damn SSRIs effect guys. My doc didn’t even know wtf SHBG was :man_facepalming:t3:).

I’m about to run another cycle here in a few weeks and was interested in some additional labs I can get to ensure healthy levels are maintained. I have gotten estradiol checked as well and that was within normal range. Will be getting a standard blood test completed next week (cholesterol, liver, kidney, etc.)

I guess my question is anyone else using lab Corp for bloodwork and if you are do they have 1 test that gives us the most bang for the buck as far as maintaining healthy levels on gear? I’m trying not to pay for 3 separate tests as this shit is not cheap every time I run a cycle.


As always much appreciated!

Sorry. Previous picture was unreadable. Hopefully this works better.

Completely depends on what cycle you’re planning to run.