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Which Lab Tests Before Taking HCG?

Its been 15-17 days since my last sustanon injection.Gonna run some lab tests to see my situation and what to take.I need to check all of my hormones and classic blood work/liver?
Which test shows you do you need to take hcg?
Thanks in advance

HCG is an LH mimic. Not sure what you are desiring here. General male hormone panel consists of TT, FT, E2, FSH, LH and SHBG. Since you are only 3 weeks past your last injection you still have minor to moderate amounts of the drug left in the system. Meaning… your LH and FSH are likely still zero. If you want to check your liver get a CMP which will show ALT/AST.

Hcg is used when to kick start your body to start producing test naturally right?
Thats what Im asking

If you’re looking for a good PCT you can use HCG in the weeks leading up to your SERM regimen. So it would be something like start HCG 250iu EOD now for a couple weeks then start Nolvadex 40mg/ed first two weeks and 20mg/ed second two weeks. Stop the HCG when you start the Nolvadex.

Some time ago I’ve talked with this professional bodybuilder and he said that if I use HCG and if my body doesnt need it,it could “overburn” my balls.(Dont know how to say what I mean,but I hope you get it,that it could cause permant damage).
Thats why Im so concerned about it.

Sounds like horse shit to me. Assuming your testosterone was real you will not have any LH yet. HCG in the dosage range I mentioned is perfectly safe. Even if you had fully functioning HPTA.