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Which Knee Sleeves?


I was about to pull the trigger and get a pair of the old blue 7mm rehband ones. I've never heard anything bad said about them, but I figured why not start a thread and see what people have to say.

The other ones I know of are the newer rehbands, the tommy konos, the eliteFTS ones, and the Inzer ones.

The only reason I'm getting them is to keep my knees warm and hopefully healthy well into the future.

Which ones do you have? How do you like them? Would you recommend them?


You will have a difficult time finding the blue ones. Jackal's may have a few left but other than that I don't think anybody has any new ones left. Unless Rehband is making them again, they are scarce.


I got my original blue 7mm Rehbands from Jackals two weeks ago. They should still have some in stock. They're a steal IMO.


What size did you go with?


I ordered large. They were a little snug at first (guess they're supposed to be) but they are starting to break in now.


I've had a pair of Tommy Konno's elbow sleeves AND knee sleeves for a year now and they work like a charm. Best invesmtent I've made...


What size did you measure around the knee?

I was close to 35.5 cm and wondering if the mediums would be too tight. I'm about 5'7" with a tiny bone structure.


I actually didn't have a tape measure so I just estimated with a ruler and the large worked out for me. The sizing chart puts in the medium which is a range of 33-36cm so there's a tiny bit wiggle room there. You might be good for large. It depends on whether you'd prefer a snug fit or normal one. Mine are a little snug so I don't know what a looser fit feels like. I like the support and they do expand and conform to knee somewhat over time. Hope this helps. Too bad I couldn't give a more clear response.


I have a pair of the Super Heavy and regular Heavy knee sleeves from EliteFTS, I like them a lot, prefer them more than the neoprene for sure.


What differences have you noticed? Just curious.


The super heavy sleeves are basically two sets of the heavy sleeves sewn together and fit much tighter. They are great for doing singles, and maybe all out triples-- but you pretty much have to take them off after every set. So, they are a little unpractical for everyday in my opinion at least. They offer some rebound in the bottom to half way position on your way up, sort of like wraps, but not quite as intense.

The regular heavy sleeves are great, I can leave them on through all of my sets of squats. They make just a bit of difference in the very bottom of your squat, as far as rebound, but hardly any. My knees feel a ton better with them on though and they do a great job keeping the joints warm. If I were to decide between the two, I would go with just the heavy sleeves.

As far as these compared to neoprene, mainly comfort. Neoprene just gets too clamy and sweaty, and they get uncomfortable after awhile for me. The EliteFTS sleeves still keep your knees warm and are more breathable, allowing some of that moisture to escape. Just my experience at least.


I use the Elite HD sleeves and agree with the above. The XHD was just too difficult to get on and uncomfortable IMO. I prefer a true wrap in those situations. They size them by bodyweight, and I do have to order them one size larger than the chart.


I ordered a pair of the old blue rehbands. They were not cheap, so I hope I like them.

The elite ones are relatively inexpensive, so I might end up picking a pair of those up sooner or later. I've heard of guys splitting the seams on the extra heavy ones, to end up with 2 beater pairs of the regular ones.


Might be a stupid question. But Are any of these knee sleeves banned In the USAPL? for raw.


Jackal's says the Rehbands are approved for IPF raw competition. I doubt the eliteFTS ones are.


Alright. thanks.


The elites are not legal USAPL. I have the elitefts super heavy and they have a good 10-15lb carry over. I couldn't find my size in Tommy KODO's so I settled with a 3XL... The Elite FTS knee sleeves are a bitch to size and get on. Once they are on they are great, but the before is a pain.


as this has just been necro'd, I'll just add that I have been through three pairs of T Konos knee sleeves in the past two years. the third pair didn't even last a month before tearing.
I have been using a new pair of the grey Rehbands, and they blow the TKs out of the water. for a start they have reinforced stiching around every edge and they can pull on without having to fold them up. these two factors make me think this single pair will outlast all three of my previous TKs


I've had my grey ones for 3 years and there isn't any wear on them. They last really well.


Ive had EliteFTS Heavy Knee sleeves for about two years now. They are still tight and work great. And for the price you can't beat them. They kind of curl at the top of mine which is annoying so I turn them inside out. They can get a little bunched up behind the knee which is annoying.