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Which Kinesiology Concentration?

I’m a Kinesiology major at UIC (U Illinois at Chicago), and this semester I am taking some Kinesiology classes that are common between the two concentrations, Exericse and Fitness, and Movement Science. As of right now I’m planning to go the Movement Science route, because I have already knocked out 5 required classes for Movement Science at my old school (Chem 1/2, Calc, Psych, Physics 1/2).

I am thinking that I will do graduate school in something like Exercise Physiology, but if I am wanting some type of career that has to do with weightlifting/exercise in general, would the Exercise and Fitness concentration be better? Here’s the comparison of the two concentrations off UIC website, if you guys could take a look:


Clearly, Movement Science is more rigorous. And yes I know that the site also explains career-differences between the two concentrations, however it would be a bitch to take all the required classes for Exercise/Fitness when I’ve already taken 5 courses for Movement Science, as stated above.

Thanks broskies.

Well if you are pretty sure you are going to go to grad school in Exercise Physiology I would take the emphasis that will prepare you more for grad school. I’m pretty sure once you get your masters it won’t really matter too much what your emphasis was in Kinesiology.

I think Movement Science is a better concentration. There’s a lot more out there on Exercise/Fitness and people who have much less formal education than you will have (or think they have) more knowledge.

Thanks for the input guys. I think you are right that if you have a masters, it really doesn’t matter what your bachelors was in.