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Which Kettlebell to Buy?

I know some say they are hype, but I have a tried a few and they seem to work well for conditioning purposes. Currently deciding between a 36lb and a 44lb. Some people say get the 44lb and others say the 36lb. Which one should I get as I do have an avid background of lifting.

Also, which brands besides dragon door are good quality and won’t make me spend and arm and a leg?



Go with the 44lbs… thats what i did and i love it… The 33 is good but with the 44 you can still get a great workout and condition… Just drop the amount of reps your doing for each exercise… For example I do the kettlebell as a complex

a1= one arm swings20 total (10 ea arm)
a2= snatches
10 ea arm
a3= one arm swings20 total
a4= cleans
10 each arm
a5= swings

this really gets the heart rate up… As for places to buy i have found that elitefts.com has some cheap ones… click on kettlebells and toward the bottom of the page they have some cheaper ones(they are the silver ones)… The shipping is high though.

try and find one local. Some fitness stores are starting to carry them now. Save you quite a few bucks on shipping. I have the power systems KBs. They’re just as good as any of the others


Just my 2 cent here. I am not sure of your lifting background, but with my clients I most inexperience men can use the 35lb/16kg very quickly, if you are an experience lifter, 1-2 yr consistent training already under your belt, then I would go with the 20kg/44lb or even the 24kg/53lb.

They aren’t hype they an excellent tool, I think that people have a hard time getting around that because some in the KB community have promoted them as the be all end all in the past.

I am partial but for the price and quality of bell, go with Ader Fitness excellent bells. They are out of Dallas, if you are local you could even pick them up.
The can be found at aderfitness.com

If need training info and video demonstration you can go to many places I am involved with a site the focused on KB education we have some and will be putting up more programs and videos as time goes on. The site is called azkettlebells.com

If you have any other questions feel free to PM me


thanks for the responses so far guys. I was looking at the muscle driver kettlebells, how do they rate?


They look fine. Never used muscle driver but as long as the handle is big and smooth you’ll be set. Most kettlebells are pretty much the same

[quote]robo1 wrote:
Most kettlebells are pretty much the same[/quote]NO, they’re not - trust me.

The powersystems kettlebells I have used were awful - the handles were ridonkulously big and jagged - a good way to give yourself ripped up hands and tendinitus.

Don’t just get any cheap KB - find something good. I’ve been very happy with the dragondoor kettlebells. I’ve also been happy with the performbetter kettlebells from artofstrength.com - they are much more reasonably priced than dragondoor, but the handle seems a little thinner and that could make affect it if you drop it frequently (but I don’t know).

I haven’t had any first-hand experience with other brands, but I’ve heard good things about powermax and agatsu.

I have Dragon door and muscle driver boh are good. Id go with at least the 24kg one though. it is great i started with that one. then moved up to the 32kg. the 32 is a ballbuster for conditioning circuts.

The KB complex i use most is from Zach-even esh:
snatch x 5 each side
clean and press 5 each side
zercher two handed x 10
lung x 5 each leg
Row x 5 each side
highpull x 5 each side
swing x 5 each side

The key is to not let the bell touch the ground until you are finished. Its a great Total body complex and a great cardio workout all in one. I worked up until I could go through it 3 times resting 1 min or so between complexes once i could do it with the 24kg i moved to the 32kg.

Boris is correct all KB’s are not the same. I was just at an expo and there were about 7-8 companies there selling KB’s and only about 1/2 of them were decent.

From my experience the main things to keep in mind are the handle length as this will determine where the KB ‘falls’ and you definitely do not want to strike too high on the wrist very uncomfortable.

Along with smoothness of handle, to my knowledge, powersystems and powermax(I own a some of these) have very rough handles. Dragon Door makes great KB; however there are other companies out there that are making quality product at a better rate.

There a lot of great programs for the KB out there just depends on what your goals are and how you use the KB to get there.

Personally the 2 things I think KB’s are really great at are:

  • teaching how to use the posterior chain explosively with drills like KB swings

  • teaching explosive triple extension/o-lift variation very quick and effectively, this great especially for helping to progress a less experienced trainee quickly.


The handles on mine are fine. Not rough at all

Thanks guys,I took everyones advice between here and dragondoor and ordered the 52.8 pounder.