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Which Jumpstretch Bands to Get?


I'm looking to get some bands for pullthroughs, band good mornings, scapular stuff (like band pull-aparts), x-band walks, and core work (like pallof presses).

I'm unsure of what bands I should buy. It seems that Jumpstretch bands would be the best ones to buy, but I'm unsure of which of the bands (minis, monster minis, average, and strong) would be the best. I was previously going to a college that had a powerlifting team, and I had access to the bands that they had. There were red bands that were 1/2" wide, purple bands that seemed like they were about 1" thick, green bands that were probably around 1 3/4" to 2" thick, and blue bands that were probably 2 1/4 to 2 1/2 inches thick that were strong as a motherfuck. I know a blue band and a green band on either side of the bar was about 300 pounds of resistance at about 60 inches off the floor. Were those bands jumpstretch average and strong bands?

I would like to buy bands that match the resistance of the ~1" purple and ~1 3/4" green bands. Would those be the monster-mini and average bands?


Im guessing that for all those exercises you only need one band right?

If you can afford it, i'd just get a micro mini, mini, and monser mini. Right now they are 25% off, so it would only cost like $25-30 for all three.


For the purposes you mentioned, I prefer the light/purple bands.


I really liked having the heavier green band for pull throughs and band good mornings, and I might do some remedial rowing type movements. For most of the other stuff though, the purple band would be good. Some looking around on EliteFTS has shown me that there's also a light band that's purple - which I think is the same 1" purple band that I'm accustomed to.


I think both of those would work out good for what you want to do, I use the light flex band for lighter acc work and it is perfect(it is too light for band pullthroughs so a green would prob work for this). A mini is great for prehab type stuff too.


I would personally go with iron woody bands over jump stretch. More affordable and same durability as long as you take care of them. I have used both brands, and see no difference except my pocketbook!!!


You can also get bands here:



jumpstretch brand color code

black=monster mini

I think jumpstretch has a newer micro band. probably no good for anything. I may be wrong tho...


Thanks for all the replies. Strengthdawg, that was particularly helpful. I was mostly confused on whether the purple band I was accustomed to was a monster mini, because I didn't see the light band on the elitefts page (which I later found).

For those suggesting I get a mini, I already have one (I probably should have included that in my already confused-sounding post).

The minis are barely enough resistance for even the most remedial movements, so I can't imagine the micros are good for anything.


depends on what your wanting to achieve.dynamic day max effort day percentage training.all bands are important on what your goals are


If you've already got minis get the lights then monster minis