Which is Your Favorite Car?

I think some of us have interest on cars.
Share with all of us which car do you like most?
Currently which car you have?

I love Maclaren but I have Toyota 86 2008 model.

Waiting to know about yours. :slight_smile:

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I like cars a lot but cannot justify the cost of nice ones. I live in Houston and see dozens of $100k+ cars on the road every day, including the ubiquitous lifted F-250 with gigantic wheels and mud tires. They look awesome, but…I’d feel like an idiot driving one on my 10 min commute; and where I come from, you buy a truck because you need to haul or tow shit. My wife’s Odyssey can haul everything I need to schlep to/from Lowe’s/Home Depot, and I will never own a boat or a camper so towing is not a need.

Plus, I’m not a tall guy. I almost need a fucking stepladder to get into even a standard super-duty pickup.

I drive a red 2010 Honda Accord with 111,000 miles on it. Bought it used 3.5 years ago and paid it off last summer. It’s my third red Accord. I kept the previous two for 10 years, and will probably continue that trend with this one. I honestly may never own a different vehicle model. For someone that appreciates the engineering and tech that goes into vehicles, I really don’t care to own one (because I don’t want to pay for it).

If I had a different outlook on vehicles, I’d probably roll with a Mustang GT convertible. I drove a regular Mustang convertible from Vegas to the Grand Canyon last year and absolutely loved it. I’ve also driven one of the newer Corvettes and really didn’t like it. Hate the driving position and the lack of visibility. It would be a blast to drive if I could get used to it though.


One day I’ll finally catch one of these: 1959 Cadillac Coup Deville. Acres of sheet metal, 2 doors.



Currently drive an F150 eco boost. About as boring as can be.

For reasonable dream car, it’d be a Mustang Gt. I told myself if I finally hit my goal size by July 1, I’d buy it.

One of my favorite cars is the Pantera.

Edit: Op are you’re not in the US are you?

I sat in the US version and couldn’t get my head in. Tiny tiny car.

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I love the old Stingrays.



2 Door Hatchback Ford Aspire



Land Rover Defender (which sadly is soon to be no more).

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1970ish Chevrolet chevelle SS
With the two stripes down the front
Like lime green with two black stripes

Oh god * drool
I have wanted this since I was like 10



The one time I said, damn I’d love to drive that Mustang (from the highly underrated TV show Alcatraz, canceled after one season):

I admit it is quite possible I’m biased because I thought Sarah Jones was so awesome in the show.

Also, this version of the Mustang reminds me of the E46 M3, which is what I have. But I think I actually like the Mustang’s looks more.


My dream car since I was 12. A Chrysler Charger E49

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Also would not say no to the old Stingrays, Chevelles, Dodge Chargers or Holden Monaros.

I have an old rusty 1946 1ton Chevy pickup that will be my baby when I get to restore her. I’ll post pics when I find them.


Thats great and I am really happy to know about your thoughts and your choices. :slight_smile:

I am not rich so can not dream for a car which I can afford. My job payment does not enough to support me to cover all the cost so I am saving slowly for the car Toyota 86 2008 model.

Just a month ago my love surprised me and she gifted me a car which she bought from Japan Toyota Prius 2011 for sale for me.

Currently this car is doing great and I am happy with it.
But I am trying hard to get 86 2008.

I can’t think of a more attractive car. Italian and American influenced and it’s not like a Corvette, Mustang, etc that you see on the road often.

Cars are like children. You can have many loves.


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