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Which is Worse: Going Hungry or Eating More?


So I've been eating 2k calories for maintenance a day, trying to very slowly tone/cut down but lately at work, I've been having a hard time eating the meals I need to throughout the day so sometimes I either get hungry and wait a certain time until I get a proper meal in or eat more than I should be.

I know neither of them isn't good when I'm trying to cut down and maintain muscles but which one would I be better off doing if I had the choice?


In terms of which is worse scientifically I can't help you. In terms of how I personally feel between when I cheat and when I wait but still eat what I'm supposed to, I feel much better eating what I planned.


If you're talking about getting the right timing on your meals, like eating on the spot every three hours, that's not necessary. I found during Ramadan that I could eat my 2700 calories for the day, all after 8pm, and still get stronger. My weight did not change. I did not get any fatter nor any leaner, just had a little food baby in the morning. So you shouldn't cheat just to get some food in every three hours; you should eat what you planned to eat; when you eat it isn't as important.


That's true if you say it like that - "cheat".

Thanks for the replies.