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Which is the Better Work Out Routine?

Hi, I am getting back into the gym, had some major injuries. What looks like the better workout routine? Right now I can only lift two days a week. My goals are realistic, I am only looking for 10-15 lbs of muscle, and don’t expect to get that in 2 months either, like you see alot of ppl. I know the routine isn’t the best, but with injuries, school, work, ect…time is limited. Also, I do plan to eventually go 3 days, but for right now i can’t, until then legs are omitted. I know legs help testosterone release,ect,ect…don’t waste time preaching, I use to bench 275 at 18. Been out of gym for 4 years.23 now. Main focus is on chest, arms, and little on traps.

Day 1

Bench press 3x6, 1x12
Dips 3x8
French curls with dbs 3x8

Day 2

Rows 3x6, 1x12
Dead lifts 3x8
bicep curls 3x8
calve raises 2x20

or day 2:

Rows 3x6,1x12
lat pulldowns 3x8…don’t know id dead lifts are better in this routine for my goals!
bicep curls 3x8
calve raises 2x20

  • As, you can see I am not sure if dead lifts are better or lat pulldowns in this small routine. Unsure bout day 2. Again my main focus is on chest, arms, and a little on traps. I figured if I go after back and chest it will take care of arms as well…compound. I just thought of deads b/c of traps…but IDK.

Also, what do you think of powertec leverage machines? Are they crappy, like the wb-ls? Or do you like the cable gyms like body solid better? Thanks…

Do note: I eat organic and all natural. No supps…unless you count fish oil and egg powder protein!

You said you have a leg injury (since no legs), are you sure that you can do deads?

How are these days going to be spaced out?

How much time would you have in the gym?

You could do a push/pull split maybe?

Well I had gotten an abdominal injury and concussions. The reason I left legs out is b/c right now I am down to two days of working out and really just focused on upper( I do understand the concepts of legs though ). I use to be obcessed with weight lifting also. Overly…It went from 3 days a week to 6x times a week, 1 hr 1/2 each session.

So, really Im am trying to reintroduce it slowly, and time. The days far as spacing are improv really…w/e. I don’t wana make weight lifting a part time job, like it felt back then. It’s not me wimping out, just maturing with other priorities…No offense to those who do. It’s just I don’t want to body build basically. I just thought deads b/c of Traps really.

I don’t know if deads really hit the biceps at all…some sites say it does do to grip, others totally disregard it. My old 3 day routine was…when I seen huge gains( at 18 though mind you )

Day 1
Bench press
close grip
tricep pulls

Day 2
db bicep curls( cheating for heavier )

Day 3
Clean and jerks

I really seen huge gains out of that, instead of the 6x times a week( personally think i was overtraining ), 1-2 body parts a day…and way less time. All just 3 sets, sumtimes I would only do 2 sets for shrugs and pull downs. I am only 5ft .7 and I weighed 180 at 12% b/f at 18. I was originally only 115lbs at 14. When I did 6x times a week, the real thing was I was at 8% b/f. However, 155. So when I went to the 3 day, I did gain some huge mass gains for some reason, but did give up some bf. Although at 155 I did get more compliments from the ladies haha.

Back on topic though, again is this a fair workout for getting back in…the two day? Would deads be better or lat pull downs? Btw, thx for the response.

Also to, not to double post, it was 150 at 8% b/f…memory. Also I would try to shock my muscles and I peaked out, couldn’t see any gains for months…in strength and size. So it got to time consuming and I got tired of it…again i think I overtrained for my frame and body type.

So thats what led me to the 3x a week. It was a b*tch though doing squats then cleans on same day…although back then I had a cage, now I don’t. Again, thx for the response.

I’d do;

Day 1

Bench press 10x3 (perfect rep method)
Incline bench press 8x3
French curls 3x10

day 2

deadlifts 10x5 (perfect rep method)
chins for 50 reps (variety of grips)
bicep curls
hypers for lower back

Apparently you can’t squat? Did you hurt your meniscus? I can do stiff-legged deadlifts but can’t squat for jack before I get my surgery.

where do i start, i really dont see any back work, have you heard of muscle imbalances? do you think you might be headed that way?

just do the ME and RE workouts from west side for skinny folks vol 1, “omit” the leg work out, since you dont want to do it any way

that should be simple enough