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Which is the Best Exercise to Substitute for Dips?

I read “Added Arm Work for 5/3/1- Two Best Movements For Bigger, Stronger Arms”

I bought a pair of FAT Gripz an I am immediatly seeing the results with Fat Bar Curls. However, I cant do DIPS because I do not have a machine for it. With what exercise can I substitute it?

If you have a counter at home with a square angle you could always do dips that way, or using 2 chairs.

If not, pushups are the closest thing to dips with zero equipment.

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You could also try close grip bench. Lots of people use that to build up triceps.

For equipment I have the necessary equipment to do 531
Bench Press Machine
Squat Rack
I also have:
Chin Up/Pull Up Bar
Trap Bar
Ez Bar
Smaller Standard Bar
FAT GRIPZ to do Fat Bar variations of exercises.

Close grip bench is not a substitute for dips with 531. CGBP is a supplemental barbell lift while dips are assistance.