Which Is the Best: Dip Bar or Dumbbells?


I am new here. Post in here because I want to start my workout training at my home. So need suggestion. Which one is the best for training my training? Dip bar or Dumbelling?

Whatever works for you. Whatever excites you to workout. Each have their own benefits.

Best? Best for what? I’ve never done dips with dumbbells and I’ve never tried to curl a dip bar.

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Doesnt matter, both can be great . -As a beginner just pick a proven program off T Nation and do the excercises it suggests within that template/principles

If this was about chest development, dip bars might win over DBs, but if this is about starting a home gym, I’d go with dumbbells. You’re basically asking if you should do dips for exercise or have the option of doing hundreds of variations of exercises with DBs. Still, dips are sweet.