Which is the BEST Choice?

Hello. A few things about me.
I am 30, stand at 5’11" and weigh 220lb with roughly 14% BF at present time. My current goal is to continue to loose BF, and retain my mass. I like my weight at 220, but would like to be closer to 10% for Spring/Summer.

That is my busy season where I work, so it’s harder for me to consume alot of food, and workout as heavy as I do when bulking. I bulk from September through Febuary, then cut and maintain from March to August.

My diet is on the mark, and my one cheat meal a week is normally either a couple slices of a “healthy” pizza with my prtein after a heavy leg day, or a “bad” carb, also consumed as part of a meal, after a heavy leg day.

I am extremely anal with my food intake, and very strict with meal timing and proper ratios, depending on my current plan (bulk/cut/maintain). I can post diet info if needed, but I don’t feel it’s relevant for this point. Now to my question…

I recently purchased HOT-ROX Extreme and have dropped about 1-2%BF while maintaining my weight, which was my goal, and it has certainly lived up to my expectations. However, I have been reading ALOT about Carbolin 19, and am intrigued with this product.

I know the HOT-ROX Extreme has some in it, but I wonder how much. I am currently eating around maintainance (cycling at/over/under) normally depending on what work I am doing that day. I know I won’t grow like I do when bulking, but feel I can shed some more fat, while maintaining, or even slightly gaining, some mass with my current diet.

SO, would I be better suited continuing with the HOT-ROX Extreme, which is working…or switching to the Carbolin 19?? Normally I would say to myself, it isn’t broken, so don’t fix it…but, I feel, by reading what Carbolin 19 does for the body, that I could get more out my current diet/exercise plan. Any thoughts are appreciated.

There is no “best” choice. It all comes down to how quickly you want to shed fat which is a personal opinion.

Stop waffling – pick a plan and go with it.