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Which is the Best 2 Day 531 to Complement 3 Days of BJJ?

I have been doing Stronglifts for 8 weeks. I am going to do it for 4 more weeks to complete 12 weeks. By that time I will have reached 300 pound in squats. There, the creator of Stronglifts suggest I should change to Madcow. However, I prefer a more special program that I can modify for 2 days and takes into account my bjj training.
How should I start?
What should I read?

We have a couple BJJ guys on my forum who trade training ideas/plans - I believe they do a variation of Krypteia with a special eye on recovery. I don’t train BJJ or know exactly what they do but I believe that’s the crux of it.

Which of your books would you recommend me reading to start a 2 day work out program? Just take into account that I am coming from Stronglifts 5x5 as my main strength program AND that I am doing another activity in between. My schedule would look like this
M T and TH BJJ and W/F 531
M/W/TH BJJ and T/F 531

The new book has a few 2 day templates, you could also find a few on this forum with search. There was one setup Jim recommended to a ultra marathon runner who ran 4 days per week. It consisted of squat/dips and bench/db squat one day and deadlift/dips and press/db romanian deadlift the other day.