Which is stupider?

Or should I ask which is smarter? Like everyone else I want to get bigger and leaner. I’m about 5’11" 200lbs and I would guess to be about 13% bf. SHOULD I… Do some hardcore calorie restriction, i.e. fat fast or MRP diet while doing long cardio sessions, after which I become very lean and then really watch what I eat, hit the weight and get some muscle mass…OR DO I… Simply start lifting very heavy and do those long cardio things only 3 times a week. During this heavy lifing period I do my 6 meals a day and watch what I eat? I’m sure it seems obvious to most of you but I’m curious what has worked for most of you. I’m thinking the additional muscle from the heavy lift will burn the fat but in a way I would like to be lean and then add the muscle even if I takes longer, who know? I woke up in the middle of the night with this thought and had to post it. Thanks for the info. BTW, has anyone else utilized JMB for his nutritional consultation? I think it’s a fair price but I have to put gas in my car this month and that’s about 35 bucks a week. JMB rocks I’m going to utilize him, just need some more time.


Your 2nd option is definitely a lot better. Chances are if you try the first option you’ll just end up pissing away a lot of muscle and gaining all the fat back anyway. Take your time and eat a maintenance level of calories…then allow the extra cardio to burn the fat off. Hope this helps