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Which Is More Beneficial for PWO?


I cant decide which would be better for my PWO shake (usually, whey banana skim milk and glutamine) i dont have any dextrose or malodextrim so which do you think would give me the most benefits for PWO, HONEY, OR GATORADE POWDER addtion to my PWO shake?

also any recommendations or suggestions would be very welcomed for a better shake if you have any!



Try as many combonations as you can think of for a given time.

Record your results and gains.

Make your decision from that.


What I usually make is a protein shake post workout with some yogurt.My shake consists of:
1 cup fat-free organic chocolate milk

1 scoop chocolate whey

2 tblspoons of sugar

When I eat my yogurt I eat it with cut up apples and mix it with honey.
I get good results eating like this.


Why aren't you guys using Biotest's Surge?

When you add your Gatorade powder, yogurt, honey, etc, to your drink, the price is about the same per-serving as Surge, but probably only a third as effective.


Shit... order 3 tubs and you get Metabolic Drive bars, too.


Chocolate skim milk is very effective.
I buy Surge and I love the stuff.However,no one is gonna be able to buy the stuff every single time they run of of it when they've got a busy life.


It's the "mad scientist" in everybody: just the thought of creating one's own effective PWO "cocktail" is anabolic...


I gotta say I agree with Teevee that mad scientist urge is fun. If you have all quality ingredients and don't get too crazy the mix and match can be fun. Additionally I hardly drink anymore and I used to bartend so making new PWO drinks si about all the mixology I get these days


I was wondering about this too. If you're into whole foods that's cool, but adding glutamine to a PWO drink would suggest otherwise.

Experimentation is fun, when I'm just "fooling around", but I always come back to Surge when it's time to optimize results.


This is probably true assuming that you live in the US. For us people outside the US, Surge can work out to be considerable more expensive than homemade or other PWO options.

With Surge being 350% more expensive than some locally made PWO powders you have to have a lot of faith that Biotest Surge is 350% more effective.

Just my Australian 2 cents.


Gatorade powder is mostly dextrose.


I gotta admit, Surge is some badass stuff when you're lifting heavy. However, the taste is better than candy and I have a raging sweet tooth that wants to drink more than I should. Guess that's why it's tasty.... repeat customers!
Seriously, gotta use it when you're going heavy. That's my experience.


Why not buy some dextrose? That shit is cheap. If you dont have any supplement store nearby check out home brew shops. Or you could always order online. I am in Canada so Surge is not an option.


Go ahead an flame away but thats the beauty of ingenuity and freedom of choice.

Cheap malto and dextrose


I also thought powdered Gatorade was mostly dextrose and thats what you are supposed to think. The reality is sucrose is the number one ingredient in powdered Gatorade. Sucrose is a disaccharide that is chains of glucose and fructose linked together. Now the glucose (dextrose) effects insulin release greatly but the fructose does not effect insulin release at all. Fructose is even used by the body in lypogenesis, fat building! Because of this, sucrose has a glycemic index of 61. This is bad, way behind many other foods. Now you may ask yourself why do they use sucrose instead of straight dextrose? Its because sucrose is A LOT cheaper. So Gatorade is not nearly as effective for pwo as Surge or a homemade concoction. Living in Australia shouldnt stop you from being able to get dextrose from your local store. Yes straight dextrose (glucose) is better than Gatorade. You should be able to find maltodextrin also. Why not buy a tub of Surge for flavor and add some dextrose/ maltodextrin, and whey protein isolate to it to make it last?