which is correct?

I was doing deadlifts when somebody pointed out that i was doing it the wrong way.
One method advocated by dave tate is that the weight should be pulled straight off the ground.
Ian king’s method involved 2 pulls. the first is using the hips then the lower back.

Which is the correct method?

Also, do you need to pull the shoulders back while at the top position?

alessifit.com has a great demonstration on proper form for the deadlift.

do a search on the forum because this has been discussed several times. try both styles and see what you like better or more importantly, what works better for particular needs and don’t worry about what others think. you are an individual and what works for others may not apply to you.

One method that I think helps is mentally viewing the task as bringing your head up through the correct path, with the weight and your body coming along appropriately. There may be different styles of course but for me it’s a coordinated movement right from the beginning: all of the body is straightening
out and rising uniformly.

For a proper deadlift the shoulders must be brought back. For the purpose of training specific other muscles e.g. the lumbars, hamstrings, glutes etc. there might not be any relevance.