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Which Is Better For Vertical?


Is the template listed by Dave Tate in his periodization bible part 2 good better for developing the vertical jump in comparison to the bigger faster stronger program? My primary goal right now is a high vertical. Thanks.


Find a way to increase your DL and SQ significantly and your vert. will improve.

I like the O lifts as well.

If Daves template covers point 1, it'll help. Does it include speed work for post. chain?


It has one upperbody strength day, one upperbody speed day, one lower body strength day, one lowerbody speed day. I'm not sure if it's an athlete's program or rather a powerlifters. Thanks in advance.


I don't think that O lifts are good relative to the time it takes to learn them. Better you spend your time trying to improve your verticle jump ability. Train sport specific in other words.

DL and SQ, sure they will help but you better be able to utilize that strength by increasing your ability.

^Box Jumps


^One legged leaps

These are the things which will help increase your vert!


I cant find the video... But that kid who DL 840 lbs had a pretty fuckin impressive vertical leap in the end of the video... Which is kind of a hint that DL's and (squats) (anything for the post chain)... will help improve your vertical.

If anyone has the link to that video, post it, I guess. Thanks.


I usually can get reasonable good form in hang clean and hang snatch as well as the power versions in about one session.

1) We're not competing in Oly meets so perfect form is not required as long as we're not getting injured.

2) We do not normally perform the full versions on Clean and Snatch. Usually the variants and with dumbbells as well.

Just ask John Davies.


Vert = speed strength
Oly. lifts = strength speed
Deadlift = absolute strength

Deadlifts and squats are important for developing the muscles involved in jumping but oly lifts will train the muscles more specifically.

If you have a pretty solid base to work with (squat ~1.5x bodyweight with good form) then start working on simple oly. lifts (power cleans, high pulls, hang cleans) and then start an intensive plyometrics routine before the time when you need your vertical highest (combines or meets). You could do mild pylometrics through out your training (bounding, skipping, jumping).

You might want to check out DeFranco's quick tips for a higher vertical (or something like that) to help you tie up some loose ends.


I agree that O-lifts aren't the best option if you are in a hurry to improve your jump, but if time constraints aren't critical (eg multi-sport athlete) then they are a worthwile investment of time. Once learned they are quite time efficient relative to other explosive lifts and just as importantly I think, they're more fun. Oly workouts are the only ones I never dread no matter how I feel.


Here is an interesting program from one of the many great Coaches on T-Nation, Mr. Joe DeFranco:


Good luck with the V jumps,



The rate of force development of the power snatch is nearly identical to the vertical jump.

Just something to think about.