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Which is Better: Egg Whites or Whole Eggs?

For a long time I believed that because egg has the highest amount of bio-availability, I’d consume them and get MAX protein benefits and hence more better gains over the time, since I understood that there should be a variety of protein in your meal, to get the best out of your training and food, but does whole egg and egg whites make any difference?
Since yolk has necessary fats and has been related to testosterone production, what are your thought?

I feel there should be a class action on all those that promoted throwing out egg yolks. Pain and suffering via disinformation


No reason to pick one or the other. I eat whole eggs and egg whites. I also drink egg whites as part of my post workout shake.

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that is really true, I’ve been a part of that for a long time

Yolks taste good, always whole egg

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Doesn’t eating egg whites go back to the dark days when they said not to eat eggs because of Cholesterol? That is when I remember egg whites becoming popular.

I usually do 3 eggs and 2 egg whites when I have eggs.

that is something I’d do too

Egg whites are pretty awesome deep into a diet. Lots of volume, low calorie, and just protein. A cup of egg whites covered in hot sauce doesn’t feel like dieting. Plus, if you don’t feel like cooking, you can just drink them. For a few weeks, my diet consisted of drinking one carton of egg whites a day. My farts literally cleared out the entire grad school library, but I had awesome vascularity.


Hahahaha - truth!

Wait, LongDongSilver!


I’m all about the whole egg. 4-6 whole eggs every morning with my oatmeal. I do pour egg whites into my protein shakes they are great for that

Yep- also, it doesn’t sit right with me to throw away the most nutritious part of the egg.

I have no problem throwing away crap food but not egg yolks

Add some mushroom and it gets better!

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I used to do this egg whites based breakfast where I would microwave broccoli, peppers and carrot then add egg white and microwave that. Kept it up for 6 weeks or so

I haven’t been able to eat egg whites or much out of a microwave since :laughing:

Ya’ll have had some comfortable lives

that video cracked me up so bad. @strongmangoals what!!! thats crazy! but I wanna try that now!

Because it was a work microwave and now they won’t let you, I assume

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My default breakfast for the past 6 years or so has included egg a microwaved with microwaves mushrooms

I prefer whole eggs over egg whites.

Even I prefer whole eggs for breakfast, easy to cook. :yum:

I’d eat about 7 eggs scrabbled for breakfast, with my current diet another 5 boiled through the day, so 12 whole eggs, but that’s not always, sometimes I’d just have the breakfast one and eat more meat through the day.

Don’t think there was a day in the past 4-5 years I ate any less than 6 eggs for breakfast.