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Which is Better: Counting Calories or Macronutrients?

Am looking to lose weight, is it better to count calories or to workout your daily macronutrients?

Thanks for your advice

Depends on what you’re looking to accomplish. Losing weight- muscle and fat-is easy, eat below maintenance. Losing fat is a matter of tracking macros.

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How do you do one without the other?

If you’re counting calories, it means you’ve calculated the individual macros and tallied them for a total calorie count.

This article gives a good breakdown of whether or not you should count anything. It’ll depend on a few things like your current body composition (weight and bodyfat), your goals, your training, and your general training experience.

If you’re just looking to get “in shape” and drop “a few” pounds, you don’t need to count anything if you use common sense when eating, apply basic principles, and have a good training routine.

There are also some diet plans that are inherently based around not counting, typically by minimizing certain macros completely (like any plan that’s simply “keep carbs to a bare minimum” or Green Faces that’s simply “eat animals and green veggies, period.”)

Thanks Chris,
I guess I like to be planned, if I’m not planning my meals ahead then my bad eating habits take over, this is what I’m trying to replace by meal prepping. I have tried the ‘Green Faces’ meal planning previously.
I’ll check out the article you attached.
The goal is to lose weight (currently 107kg) while preparing to ride 250km in a charity ride at the start of November.
Thanks again Chris, will check out the article now

Set protein 1.2-1.5g per lb bodyweight, then eat whatever and be in a caloric deficit. This is plenty for most guys to look “good”. Now when you want to get creepy lean, (sub 11%) you got to get a little more tricky with macros.

And when I say “whatever” I’m talking about healthy choices. Nuts, avocados, berries, taters ect. Pancakes on leg dAy is ok though lol