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Which is Best?


Im looking for a new post workout whey protein shake. Im thinking of buying a Biotest product. Which would you recommend? Money is NOT a problem luckily. From personal experience would you recommend:

Grow! Whey

Metabolic Drive

Surge Recovery



Surge Recovery.




and whats original flavor, is that vanilla?


Surge chocolate.


No, but it tastes damn good.


Taste like Angel Food Cake, but get chocolate.


The flavor of angel food cake is how it's usually described.

And it is awesome.


That sounds awesome but i think ill get the chocolate


Why not get all 3 and decide your favorite for yourself?


id like 2 see how well it works before shelling out $100


Surge. Have it pre- and during the workout! Read Thib's thread about peri-wo nutrition...

IMHO, having pwo-shakes is out-dated.


Ok thanks and i got another question, does Surge Workout Fuel have to be cycled?


Why whey? Get yourself hydrolysed casein, e.g. Peptopro


Of those three, I'd get the one specifically-designed to be a post-workout shake. Just sayin'. :wink:

Good call. It's like watered down Yoo-Hoo. Liquid awesomeness.

Nope. You'd take it on your training days, that's all.


ok cool thanks. And i was thinking whey because isnt that better for post or during workout than casein as it is quickly digested?


Yep, whey is what you want. The second ingredient in Surge Recovery is whey (the first ingredient is glucose).

The biggest benefit that Surge has over Grow! Whey, though, is that it's already combined with the right kinds of carbs in the right amounts. So in terms of "bang for your buck" post-workout supplements, Surge is the best tool for the job, Grow! Whey would be second place.

(For discussion's sake, Metabolic Drive would be a distant third, since that protein formula is designed to be absorbed/digested slowly - not something you want immediately post-workout.)


Why do you say pwo-shakes are out dated? just out of interest.


Nice info thanks chris!


This type of question leads me to believe you might need help in other areas with training and nutrition before worrying about a PWO shake.
Seriously, MD?