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Which Is Best With Test?

I am ready to do 400mg of test per week Doctor controlled. And I need to cut water and keep my weight down, I am 42 and weigh 250-260 I have been told that anavar with the test would be a good selection or some say deca I am looking to firm it all up again but not win a contest. my goal is simply to firm up and cut wieght. any suggestions ? also what dose ?

Tren…75-100mg / day.

Arimidex 0.5mg EOD

in plain speech tablets prefered Thx

Arimidex is a tablet, or a liquid depending on where you get it from. Not an injection in either form. I vote for that as well. If all you’re doing is cutting down, 400mg/wk of test is more than enough to ensure you don’t lose an LBM, so the only thing worth throwing in is an AI to avoid estrogen related problems and bloating.

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