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Which is a Better Breakfast?


I've read on this site that whey protein is good first thing in the morning because after sleeping 7-8 hours, your body needs it. I've also heard that its better to get protein from whole natural sources. These are the 2 breakfasts I've been having lately and wanted to know which one I should stick with.

Breakfast 1 (shake)

1 scoop ON vanilla whey
12 oz skim milk
1 banana
4 frozen strawberries

410 cal, 2g fat, 60g carb, 40g protein

Breakfast 2 (food)
2 eggs, 4 egg whites (scrambled)
4 strips turkey bacon (or 4 turkey sausage links)
1 slice of wheat toast

470 cal, 26 g fat, 20 g carb, 40 g protein

They roughly have same portein and calories. One higher in fat, the other carbs. The food obviously tastes better but the shake is good as well and quicker to make.

Which do you guys think is better for a guy building muscle?


Well, the shake has two benefits.
1. the carbs in the morning will help take your body out of a catabolic state
2. It seems like the shake would be easier to make, making it less likely that you'll skip it if your morning is running late.
That being said, I like making breakfast the biggest meal of the day, so I'd most likely eat both, maybe without the toast.


Usually I'd go higher in fat I get about 20 carbs for breakfast. I agree with having breakfast the biggest meal of the day.

mine looks like.

4 Eggs. 18-22 gprotein and 15g fat
20 gram protein shake with glutamine, made with milk, 11 carbs +8more g protein
2 strips of bacon 6g protein 8g fat
5 Fish oil caps, 5g fat.
1/2 or full tblspn of Olive oil. 16g fat

so all in all
45-50 grams protein
8-20g carbs
40-45g fat.
Under 630 calories.

I see more energy in the morning when I consume more fat.. with carbs I crash. I would go with your second plan for breakfast.


which do i think is better for building muscle?? combine the two. lol


Seriously, I was actually going to combine them minus the toast. But that would put me at about 75grams of protein for the meal. I thought that might be more than I can absorb in 1 sitting and could be wasteful. Isn't the rule of thumb to keep meals under 50 or 60g of protein?


no breakfast is "better" than the other. it all comes down to what you eat over the entire day. as long as your total calorie/macros are achieved by the end of the day, the actual composition of any single meal make no difference.

so to answer your question, eat whatever you feel like eating for breakfast, just make sure that you are hitting your calorie/macro goals for the day and you'll be fine.

also, there is no limit on how much protein you can have in one meal. i routinely eat 80-100g of protein in one sitting. (only b/c i eat 2-3 large meals per day)


Hmm I put it out there because some of Berardi's stuff writings said to get your carbs in earlier in the day and there was some other info on here about using ingesting whey first thing in the AM to stop the catabolic process that goes on when you sleep.

That being said, I've read so much info on this site over the last 6 weeks that I kind of get lost in it. I'm sure I'm over analyzing things but I just want to make the most of my diet and workout.

At the end of the day I do make sure I achieve my current goal of 2700 cal, 250 protein, <100 fat, and about 200 carbs. (maintenance at 6ft 190lbs)


I have an omelette with 4 eggs and a tin of tuna with whatever veg I have lying around- red onion, sweetcorn or mushrooms are my fave. I throw a bit of salt, pepper and cinnamon in the mix and it's delish.

I also have a smoothie- 300ml of natural low fat yoghurt, 1/2 cup of rolled oats, 1 banana and 80g of frozen blueberries.

All that is a hearty, enjoyable brekkie with just about everything you need. Save the shakes for when you're pushed for time- solid food is what you want first thing in the morning.


Stop right there. You mix eggs with tuna? I admire your commitment :slight_smile:


Yeah, I get the protein from the omelette (mostly) and the carbs from the smoothie (mostly).

Always been a huge tuna fan coz I haven't eaten meat for 20 years.


you have to learn to separate what matters (total calories and proper macro and micronutrient intake) from what doesn't (virtually everything else)

When authors have to pump out ~25 article a year, they often resort to focusing on minutia ("vegies at every meal!") and myth ("dont eat carbs after dark!") Unfortunately, this ends up confusing people, and the result is message boards filled with posts like "Oatmeal: good or bad?"

bottom line: focus on what matters, forget about the rest. change takes time, there are NO shortcuts/secrets.


Oh dude, omelette with tuna? You're missing out on something. Try this: A package of bacon, fry it in the pan until you've eaten halv out of boredom, then mix some eggs, like 3-4 with some cream and throw in there.

Throw on some cheese, fold it and lock yourself in the bathroom before someone tries to steal it. Easy to make, delicious, and spikes your cholesterol through the roof.


If you can, solid food is always better than a shake.

the important thing is having a morning meal that isn't a bunch of just filler carbs.

but have a morning meal


Honestly, if I have less than:

6 omega3 eggs
4 strips of bacon
1/4 cup low fat cheese
1 tbsp olive oil
handful of blanched almonds
1/4 cup steel cut oats

I feel depressed. I stuff my face with this then watch an hour of Telemundo to help with circula...I mean digestion.


DANG! you must have the metabolism of a shrew!

I like your idea of breakfast.

Have you tried lemon juice squeezed in your scrambled eggs with some chopped peanuts? veddy good