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Which HRT Dose?

im currently on hrt and at about 80mg/wk. have been since 08 sometime. have approx. 8000mg and thinking of bumping it up just not sure to what. i have thought about 500 for around 16wks or something like 600 to 800 for about 10 to 12. which would you recommend or something else? test cyp. only.


Most people go for 100mg a week divided into two 50mg doses as a starting point. Go up from there as you need to: Go by how you feel, and also bloodwork. 500mg+ a week is equivalent to a steroid cycle, which is beyond the scope of the testosterone REPLACEMENT therapy forums. Once you get beyond around 200mg a week you are no longer replacing testosterone, but are going above normal human levels. I would recommend reading through the “Protocol” sticky.

This is the T Replacement Forum, not the Steroids Forum. Direct your post appropriately.