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Which Hormones Should I Get?

Ok let me get this straight:

Here are my hormonal Levels:

FSH 1.1 IU/I
LH 3.6 IU/I
Prolactin 7.56 ng/ml
estradiol 24.9 ng/l (23 ng/l is actually the Limit)

Testosterone 302.1 ng/dl

Im scared from the side effects of roids, i want something which doesnt affect my heart rate or blood pressure much

ive heard that turinabol is good because it is very mild

i already take a half to a 1/4th of 25mg aromasin a day

This is the TrT section. I think you might be looking for Pharma. This section usually intended for people pursing TrT or have already been diagnosed as Low T.

Why in the hell are you taking an AI right now if you arent taking anything else? Am I missing something.

Because high Estrogen leads to water Retention and excessive feminine fat proportions

Thanks Captain. I dont see anywhere where you said you are taking Test or anything else beside an AI.