Which Hand Gripper?

I’m 13 right now and I’ve been useing a normal hand gripper for quite a while, I was going to get a Captins of Crush but Heavy Grips are cheaper, which level of resistance should I get for the Heavy Grips?

Captins…fo sure…

or you could just use that Kung Fu grip at night…

I have some of the Crush grippers. What is says on the Heavy Gripper page is correct, that most store bought grippers only go to about 80lbs. I have occasionally found some that feel like the 100lb. But the 140lb is much tougher than anything in the stores.

Either brand is great. Heavy Grips tend to “break in” a little more, which some people dislike, but it isn’t a huge problem IMO. They’re more affordable, and sometimes you can find them on a really good sale. Once I got 3 HGs for $30. The CoC grippers are seen as the standard in the grip world, but you don’t HAVE to have them if you aren’t interested in getting certified on the #3. I use both brands. There’s a big gap between the #2 and the #3 and the HGs help me bridge that gap. I also have a BeefBuilder Super Master. BB grippers are also great.

my Heavy Grip squeeks a bit. not really a problem though