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Which Gripper to Get?

I have an Ironmind COC No.2 and Heavy Grips 2.5 . I can close the Ironmind no.2 for a few reps . I have yet to close the heavy grips 2.5 (probably due to gripper variance its harder than the No.2 although I have got close). What’s a good gripper to bridge the gap? I will probably buy directly from the supplier so Baraban or Beef Builder or other quality builds. I am not a member of the gripboard. It’s the last little bit that I struggle with.

Have you thought about one of the plate loaded machines?

I ordered some “fat grips” and got two silicone rings with them. The white one doable, the black one not so much. Have you tried the rings?

Might make one or have one made. Butt looking for specificity

No I haven’t tried the rings. BUt I use a rubber ball and stress balls a lot.

Wish I could give you the black one.

thanks lol

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Found this . It compares various grippers

I think I’ll get an rb 160 , rb 180