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Which Grip for SGHP, Power Clean/Push Press?


From what I understand, for the clean & jerk and the snatch, a hook grip is used from the ground, which may or may not be released into a conventional or open grip to get the bar overhead.

Based on that, I'd assume that the ideal method for the power clean & push press would likely be... hook grip for the clean, then open grip for the press.

Should a hook grip be used for the SGHP from hang/blocks too? Or just a conventional grip?


The purpose of the hook grip is to make the grip on the bar more secure, allowing a better force transfer to the bar.

As such it can be used when doing any type of pulling (cleans, snatches, high pulls, deadlifts, I even use it when doing heavy rows). You don’t HAVE to use it, but it does help pulling big weights explosively.

With high pulls, you can use straps though.

For clean and presses don’t worry about unhooking after the clean, it will happen by itself when you rack the bar.


Thanks. The hook grip actually felt more natural to me with the snatch grip, since it lets the wrist rotate out just a tiny a bit more.

Either way, it’s probably a good thing to get used to for if/when I actually learn the proper clean and snatch.