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Which GOT Ending are You Rooting For?

I’m rooting for the fan theory where Bran goes back in time and tried to stop the creation of the night king. Only to warg into the guy about to be turned and get trapped as the night king.

Sick twist: I’m rooting for Bran to actually be the prophesied “prince that was promised”… except in the very end, he wins as the night king and wipes out the humans of the world and purges them because they all suck. The knight king is the good guy, roll credits.

Based off the hints from the book (since Martin is supposed to have given the ending to the show runners),

Possibly spoilery?

Jon Snow is The Prince That Was Promised, he kills Daenerys to recreate Lightbringer and defeats the Others.

EVERYONE dies at the end.

To me, this is the only one that makes sense narratively speaking, otherwise all those hints don’t amount to anything. At the end of the day, it’s still a freaking story, and stories follow narrative arcs.

The problem with Martin’s writing now is that he is seemingly losing sight of the fact that a story is, at the end of the day, a story. The TV show can’t do this, it needs to end the story and it needs to use what they built up to earlier.

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One thing I hope that happens is that Arya dons Jamie’s face and goes to Kings Landing and slashes Cersei, much like she did with old mate who organised the Red Wedding.


Whos gonna win,
6 houses with their own armies and hundreds of soldiers,
or one whitewalky boi.

With a whitewalky dragon…

And every enemy combatant he kills just just joins his army.

Retreat to the Iron Islands or Dragonstone looks pretty wise at this point.

They could use the green fire that they used that one bay battle. Burn all the walky bois.

I’m sure Cercie is in a sharing helpful mood.

This is it for me.

I want someone to end up winning the iron throne. Final scene of series as person slowly walks up to iron throne and sits down.

Person looks right at the camera, gives small smirk, Arya proceeds to take off that person’s face.

Cut to credits.


My wife started watching a few weeks ago… She was up to Season 6 last night, and I promised I woudln’t watch the Season 8 without her,… She’s doing her best to catch up quickly, but so far today I’ve had to scroll quickly past any mention on the news or social media that might ruin anything for me in the first episode -lol.


An ending where I don’t have to hear people talk about this show anymore.


I can’t honestly imagine then managing an ending that meets the hype. It’ll all be forgotten about in a few months.

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I came here loaded with that one in the chamber…But I knew to check to make sure. Of course someone was already on it! Bread and Circuses.

Rooting for the end where I can go back online or on social media and not have to hear about it.


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Is it odd that I have never watched a single episode of it?


I agree with @magick on the lightbringer spoiler, although I don’t think everybody will die.

I also think Jamie will kill Cerci and some weird twist will happen with Bran (time travel to Bran the builder? Whisper to the mad king?)

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“It was all a dream” Dallas style

No. What’s odd is offering that fascinating bit of trivia unsolicited…

Cut scene to Rick Grimes waking up in the hospital with Lori and Carl at bed side and he begins to tell them about the coma dream he had …

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