Which Gear on Short Cycle?

Hi to all,
i have read the past post about short cycle.

i still studing (and searching…) about AAS stuff. and that kind of cycle (short one) seem intresting…

i would like to have your opinion on wich are the best gear to use in shorter cycle…

i thought to Test and some orals like dbol, var, ot… but what about susta and deca?

they are strong drugs but i believe they are not so good for short cycle cause… am i right?

I’m not going to just straight up tell you since I dont’ think it would help you really learn.

Try to find out what types of gear have short half-lives and what ones have long half-lives. I’ll tell you this all orals have short half-lives, sust and deca have long half-lives. Keep researching and come back with what you’ve found.

thank for the answer, i know it sounds stupid, but what i thought is that there are other properties than half life that can be important in short cycle.

i dont know… may be something like androgen/anabolic ratio…

howver again thanks to show me that it is simpler :slight_smile:

this may sound like a lot, but if you’re talking <4 weeks, not so much-nandrolone phenyl prop 100 mg ed with test prop 100 mg ed.

Not stupid at all bro. In fact that shows me that you’re trying to think for yourself. GOOD FOR YOU! THere’s not a whole hell of alot of that going on with most newbie posts I see.

ALSO, what you’re saying is probably true. I’ve seen some guys talk about short cycles with something like tren, test prop, and drol, which are all very suppressive (and powerful) being harder to recover from then say just an anavar and primo cycle.

I think that’s probably true for obvious reasons, so you are correct. BUT the whole half-life of the ester thing has a bit more to do with what to choose.

some short cycles

test prop

test prop

test prop

test prop
tren ace

test prop