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Which Gear Is Right for Me?


Ok been looking at this site for some time. Just when i think I have my gear down it seems like it gets some bad rap. I have heard only good things about test. So hear is my problem I am going on a cruise in November and would like to lose some fat but not any muscle.

I'm 25 5'-8" 185lb. mostly fat. Would doing a cycle of test for 8 weeks be too short. Could I front load till the test gets in my system or is this just too short to get a cycle in. Thanks in advance.


I dont know a lot of steroids and i know that YOU SHOULD NOT BE DOING THEM.


How fat is mostly fat? Any idea on %?

How long have you been lifting for?

If you do not have much of a muscle base built already, I really wouldn't worry about losing much.

Keep lifting, crank up the cardio, lower the calorie intake-but not too low. And maybe add a thermogenic supplement. You should be able to drop a decent amount of fat in 9 or so weeks.


What if you just stop eating like shit?



dude, if you are mostly fat you are going to get fatter and grow bitch tits if you do a cycle. Go for it!


Man you guys are harsh. I like it. Ok so I might have around 20% BF. My diet is around 2000 cal. of healthly foods on water to drink. take fish oil pills and a multi vit. I have lost about 30lbs in the last 6 months was 110. Oh and been working out straight for about 1 year. Did some workout in high school but that was years ago.

Ok guess I better ready myself for somemore good nice post. Lets see them guys can a cycle do anything for me or should I wait.


I would def wait my man. The fact that you have only been lifting solid for a year is a very good factor in that. I would up your protein amounts because I highly doubt that at 2,000cals you are getting enough protein. Add in some good fats and maybe some HOT-ROX and you'll be good to go for that cruise!

Post what your workout plan is like and maybe we can help with that too!


this says enough




I'm thinking you should wait. A cycle right now isn't going to benefit you much. I'd wait till you have more experience in the gym and learn or continue to eat healthier. And congrads on losing all the weight!! Keep up the hard work


you should do a cycle of test, and eat nothing but hamburgers and french fries from mcdonalds. You will become even fatter, so fat that walking becomes a taxing cardio workout. as far as your cruise, you would enjoy it much better as an obese man, because you wont have to move from your chair and you can sip lemonade and eat babies all day long. have fun with this cycle.

p.s. dont forget to overeat.


I really think you should just wait. If your losing the weight you want and still making good progress, why use steroids?



Let me start by apologizing for some of the assholes on this board and their smart-ass advice. There seems to a disproportionate numbers of them on this board which is one of the reasons I haven't posted recently.

I belong to several other BB sites and this one has some of the best information and writers and some of the biggest jackasses in the world for members. Not all but many. Most forgot what it was like when they were new to the game and just because they may have been treated harshly by some of the veterans here doesn't mean they have to pass it on.

Let me try to give you some constructive advice on your query.

A year in the gym isn't really enough time to play with gear IMO. Put in another year or 2 of solid training and nutrition and you might be ready for gear.

The reason I warn you about the time is I have seen too many guys jump into gear too early on only to wind up with lots of joint injuries. Many are caused by the fact that tendons and ligaments don't develop at the same rate as muscle especially muscles being enhanced by gear.

Also before using gear you must have all the other factors rights, i.e. training, nutrition and recovery. If you don't have all 3 pretty much spot on gear won't do much for you but drain your wallet and cause side effects. I see a lot of guys trying to make up for what they are lacking by overcompensating with gear. Most wind up with shrunken nuts, man-boobs and bad acne.

Last but not least you need to know your gear and what it will do. The question you ask is so vague it demonstrates you need to do more research to make an intelligent decision.

Bottom line, don't be in a hurry. Patience will reward you in the long run if you follow my advice.

Best of Luck,



Just to add to what A.B. said above, if I were you I would continue to focus on my diet. I find it's easier to focus on my diet when it's more strict than when I just try to get some good calories in. You might want to look at the Anabolic Diet or C.T.'s Carb Cycling article. Also, log your diet with something like Fitday. That can be a big help all on it's own.

If this is a real goal of yours, then make it a priority. Figure out what you want exactly, then break it down into the means to accomplish it. But again, as AB said above, don't rush into things that will cost you more in the long run.


Very well said A.B. Thanks for not dissing the poor guy.