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Which Game Console??


I've been think about getting one and was wondering the pluses and minus' of each. Which one do you prefer/recommend?


Wait 4 months and you'll have your pick from the new Xbox 360 system or the new Nintendo system, or an even greater price decrease on the existing systems...

I personally have an Xbox, I love it, wouldn't go any other way.


Which is why the answer you get is based on who already owns what. I am waiting on the new PS3. I like the controls better.


Also the new Playstation3.


What Bauer97 said. XBox is the only way to go.



Great taste.


PS3 and X-Box 360 all the way. Nintendo's been pretty mum about their new system, so I'm in wait-and-see mode w/ that. It'll more than likely have an innovative interface system that nobody's ever seen before, but will that be enough to get customers en masse?


Xbox... you can mod it and use it as a media center, as well as put ROMs from old systems (nintendo, SNES, Genesis, etc) on it and play them.

Our console decisions aren't going to be tied to our political affiliations, are they? If so, I suppose once again I'm the Republican who Dares to Be Different...


Thanks guys. what is the reasoning for your choices when you purchased. I havent owned a consule in about 10 years, and actually havent really played with any either other than one or two games at friends house.


Dear lord. 10 years ago was like Sega Genesis territory. I owned a Playstation 10 years ago and when Tomb Raider came out, I got hooked. I haven't changed since.


Less filling.

PS3 should kick some major butt. There's a good thing about the xbox though is that you'll be able to pick your level of system all the way up to 4 hundred bucks, starting at 2. I have a ps2 and also love the controls...A buddy has the xbox and it seems there's more people out there to play live with.


Never eaten a PS3. I heard they were missing some of the meat found on a 360.


Honestly the last system I owned was Nitendo, not Nitendo 64, just Nitendo.

Are the games for one better than the other? Better graffics? What made you choose the one you have.


I got a PS2 because its game library was just flat out better than the competition. A good friend of mine has a PS2 and an XBox and if it weren't for the fac that the next gen consoles are coming out soon, I'd buy an XBox just for Ninja Gaiden (one of the best games I've ever played).



I have a PS2 and an XBox to be honest the XBox just sits there!
I like PS2 because of the online gaming, Socom is the shitt!!!
Plus playing real live people, the game is never the same...
Xbox can be played online too but I believe you still have to pay for that....
And yes PS3 is gonna be outstanding...

And yes I have a collection of old games from the original Atari, to Coleco Vision!!! Thats my one Vice that my wife gives me crap about....


Don't waste your money on anything! Accept for the XBOX 360 which will be out in a few months. Why? Because it will be the best system ever made. I would say get an XBOX but you might as well just wait for the 360 to come out.


You'll be waiting a long time if you wait for the PS3. Who knows when that things coming out. The Xbox 360 will be out for Christmas, but don't plan on a price drop on the original Xbox; Microsoft claims they don't plan to reduce the price. Maybe after Christmas they will. Forget Nintendo, unless you REALLY like their 1st party stuff (Zelda, Metroid, Mario, etc.).


Don't just go by the system alone, look at the games that will be made available and also the companies that will be making the games for the console. Reason why people are faithful to Nintendo? Because Zelda rocks. Why do some swear by PS? Ummm... ___. And Xbox? Halo. Bluh bluh bluh.

You'll be playing the games, not the console, so look at the games and think what genres you like and go from there.

From a technology/architectural standpoint, PS3 looks friggin' amazing.


Playstation forever, they got variety of good and great games, also, 2D fighters. Nintendo hasn't been shit since N64. Xbox- Halo and Madden, only reason I touched it.


XBox 360

Less filling.