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Which flavor of Dsigner Whey

Hey everyone,

I am interested in buying Designed Whey protein powder and wanted to know which flavor you guys thought tasted best…I am not interested in adding fruits to the shake so I just want to know which has the best flavor when added w/ water only.


Low Carb Grow. :slight_smile: Seriously, a blend of whey and casein is better for regular usage. Read the Battle of the Proteins articles at t-mag.

If I had to pick one flavor, I’d say Chocolate.

I really liked the Malted. HOWEVER, L/C Grow! is hands-down the best stuff out there.

If I had to pick a flavor of Designer whey protein, I’d kill myself.

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Chocolate is the only one I can even tolerate mixed in water. The rest are just nasty tasting.

Chocolate. Get the original if you can. ZMA should be taken on an empty stomach. (I’m talking about zmax by the way)For some reason thy put ZMA in their protein powder. The original is still out there.

Picking the best tasting Designer is like picking the least fat and ugly woman to have sex with. Go with Grow.

Low Carb Grow Vanilla hands down. The new milk chocolate is good too. Go with Choc for designer, but again… don’t… do the lc mrp grow.

Good point, buddy, though I’d rather make out with the Designer. I’d be all smoove and say “Yeah, you know I’ll blend you up. Gon’ make you wet wit some tap water. Yeah, tap, that’s what I’mana do…”

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Thanks for the responses…perhaps I should clarify why I am interested in taking a protein shake and you guys can suggest which is best for me. I am a serious soccer player and throughout the day at work, I am hungry. I know my metabolism is fast and should space out 5-7 meals a day but finding low carb/nutritous food is hard to do in NYC —and also expensive. I figured I would drink these shakes throughout the day. I am 5’10, ~155/160 lbs but want to get ripped—VERY ripped. Hence having more protein and lower carbs. I DO NOT want to become big or bulky because I must keep my agility and speed for soccer. I just want to change my body composition to be lower in body fat and stay around 152-155lbs. Please advise on the nutritional part of program. My fitness program is good.

If you’re in NYC go down to Nutrisport on 16th street and 8th ave. It is right near the A,C,E train stop. Step 1: Go into store. Step 2) Talk to fairly big guy named Scott. Step 3) Tell Scott you were sent to this place by Eric Step 4) Recieve insane discounts on Biotest or anything else. Step 5) Repeat as needed.

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Sounds like you got some serious TMAG reading ahead of you buddy. Get started on the FAQ page.

I just bought some of the chocolate at GNC as it was on sale, I ran out of grow and needed protein THEN.

and it sucks! it has the zma in it (why?) and it tastes AWFUL!

Adam Marshall

I hate Designer Protein. No matter what flavor it tastes horrible. Use low carb Grow. Taste Great, Less Filling.

I was just wondering how you spelled Designer Protein wrong twice and two different ways.