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Which Fish Oil?

GNC Fish Body Oils 1000

Serving Size, 4 gell tablet
(just to mirror Flameout serving Size)

Amount per serving:
EPA 720 mg
DHA 480 mg

total cals: 40 cal

Serving Size: 4 Softgels

DHA 2,200 mg
EPA 880 mg
CLA t10,c12
212 mg
CLA c9,t11
140 mg

I really want to buy some FLAMEOUT but it's never in stock. Is there anyway to pay a extra few dollars to get a pre-order in?

I just know that when it does go on sale it will sell out in hours and I will be stuck with this GNC crap.

What should I do with GNC? Should i take double dosage everyday? That would exceed the EPH by a lot but not come close to the DHA.

What do the CLA values of FLAMEOUT do?

Why is it always sold out...bah



ok... maybe a better question..

what is the best fish oil to buy besides FLAMEOUT?


Besides Flameout??? Costco in BULK.


I wouldn't count on flameout being back in stock.


Why not?


Try Nordic Naturals Pro-DHA.

It is not as powerful as Flameout but is just as good in terms of qulaity and purity.


Carlson Super DHA 3-1 DHA to EPA ratio
K-Max DHA 2.5-1 DHA to EPA
Jarrow Max DHA 7-1 DHA to EPA ratio

Before Flameout (and now w/o Flameout in stock) I used to take a combination of one of the above heavy DHA products with Costco fish oils (1.5 to 1 EPA to DHA). Essential fats have always been a strong point of interest for me and the above combo always gave me at least a 2-1 ratio of DHA to EPA.


x2 on costco


Genestra Brand, only available here from doctors/chiropracters. Either the Super EFA or the Fruity EFA.


i like carlson's or omegarx liquids ; i tend to take more than most so the liquid is more economical. Just be sure you are buying a high grade product especially if you intend to use large amounts, personally i would stay away from the costco stuff but that is just my opinion.


To say that all fish oil is not created equal is the understatement of the century. Much of what passes for fish oil on the high street shelves may well be pretty toxic (oxidation, poorly processed, high PCB/heavy metal content) and is likely to do you more harm than good. I would strongly suggest that you research your fish oils thoroughly and don't just buy the cheapest.


I second the motion on Costco in bulk due to Flameout's elusive availability. To think about value with the explanations on Flameout, how much of the GNC fish oil would you have to take to match the DHA of Flameout?

Now I am too lazy to do the math for GNC, fuk dem, but due to Flameout shortage, I've been using the Costco fish oil. You'd need to take 18 Costco fish oil caps (regular, not enteric coating) per day to match the DHA in Flameout. Now I posed a question a while back, when Flameout first came out, concerning high levels of EPA that one would obviously be receiving when subbing something like Costco Fish Oil. To match the EPA of Flameout, you'd only need to take 9 caps a day.

So you are taking double the EPA that is in Flameout if taking 18 caps to match the DHA. I don't think I got a clear answer in the Flameout thread. I'll have to check again. Now 18 sounds like a lot, but figuring in the total amount of caps in one bottle of Costco fish oil...you'll have about 22 days supply of fish oil. Nuff said for now.

Don't forget that forms of CLA are in Flameout so there may need more thought into copying Flameout.