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Which Fat loss diet to choose?

Guys, I need your advice. Last summer I leaned out from 184 to 170 pounds starting with a 1:1 ratio of carbs and protein. I was eating about 250g of each with my fat at about 25 grams. I slowly decreased the carbs through the weeks until I was at about 250g protein and 160g carbs. I was around 7% body fat and felt quite lean.

It is now about 20 weeks later and I weigh 192. The guy at the gym still measures me at under 9% but I feel more like 12%. I did Ian’s 12 week leg program among other that I came up with.

In another month I want to start shedding the flab and I’m not sure if I should experiment with the T-Dawg diet or repeat my previous plan. If I could get lean without cutting carbs totally, would it be a mistake to try a keto diet??

My goal is to be as lean as I was last summer, but at 180-185 instead of 170.

Thanks for any Advice!!

Well T-Dawg is a good plan but I say “dance with who brung ya.” If you can get lean easy w. a standard approach then why change it? And on your bodyfat, what method does your trainer use? Hopefully calipers (either Lange or Slimguide). Equations make a big difference too. Personally I like the Jackson Pollock 7-site.

Thanks for the advice! I had my b.f. checked with calipers, but it was only 3 sites (sub,tri,chest). So that reads me at about 8% right now because those measurements haven’t changed much even though my abs are almost gone.

I’m not sure I would go with that method. If you want to accurately estimate bodyfat you need to make sure the primary fat storage sites are included, and for most men I would say abs would have to be in there somewhere. 7-site uses pec, axillary, subscapular, ab, suprailiac, tricep and thigh. Supposedly Poliquin uses a 12-site, but I don’t know what all the sites are or what the equation is. I posted a message asking about it but got no response.

My nutritionist uses a 9 site method that seems very acurate - we calibrated it to underwater weighing and a really high-end electro-impedence system within 3 hours of eachother - the calipers measured about 1% lower then the dunk-tank, the electro-impedence was almost dead center of the two. WHen I’ve been done with the tanita scales or 3 sites, it almost always reads high. The moral that I’ve found is that how accurate 3 sites works is dependent on how much you fit the model that it was developed for. The more sites, the better chance you have of meeting the model, and the more accurate it is.

BTW, I'd try the keto diet like T-dawg for a few weeks. Up the fat, cut the carbs and protein back a bit. I'll be trying it myself and let you know how it goes.