Which Exercises to Avoid/Replace in My Program?


I’m 16 years old, 189cm and 76-77kg (6.2ft & 167 lb).
I have been working out for 6 months now and I am not sure if I progress/gain as I should.
I’m somewhat very weak, I struggle above 10 push-ups, I could perhaps do 1 or 2 pullups, I struggle to chest press with 5kg’s on each side after 8-10 reps but I decided to change that.
I’m not confident about my program but I’m not thinking of giving up.
My only goal is to be in better shape and increase my muscle mass.
The coach in my gym made me this program and I would like to see opinions from honest and experienced professionals about it.

Forgive me for any mistakes or errors, my native language isn’t english and I try to translate my exercises as best as I can

Behind-the-Neck Smith Press | 4x5+5
Dumbbell side lateral to front raise | 3x12
Incline reverse dumbbell fly | 3x10
Seated shoulder press (machine) | 3x10
Single leg calf press (leg press machine) | 3x20

Assisted pullups 4x10-8
Supported dumbbell row 3x10
Lat pulldown + reverse lat pulldown 3x7+7
Behind-the-neck lat pulldown 3x12
Roman chair back extension 3x12

Decline dumbbell press | 4x10
Narrow grip barbell chest press + incline bench dumbbell fly | 3x8+8
Bent-Arm dumbbell pullover | 4x12
15 degree incline dumbbell chest press | 3x10
Seated calf raise | 4x12

Smith machine squat without weights | 2x50 (I struggle to do this one after around 20 reps so I’m looking for an alternative)
Leg press shoulder width | 4x10
Standing leg curl | 3x12
Lying leg curl | 4 sets of 6 full, 6 half
Dumbbell lunge | 3x12

Seated hammer curl 4x12
Barbell curl + narrow grip | 4x5+5
Incline dumbbell curl | 3x8
Incline french press | 4x10
Seated incline V-bar tricep extension | 3x12

I have an ab exercise for every day, also.

  1. Is your coach big or has trained others with good results?

  2. Is he present and monitoring your progress while you are training?

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I wouldn’t bother with the arm day.

Pick 1 triceps and 1 biceps exercise and do either (not both) on your chest and back day.

x2 these.

There’s a lot I don’t like about that routine, but if it’s straight from your coach, you may be better off all-around following his plan and getting advice from him live in-person. Or at the very least, go to him with your questions/doubts about the plan.

Or do you mean “coach” like a personal trainer you hired at the gym? If so, that’s kinda different and I’d be more likely to make some changes.

[quote=“abrams1g, post:1, topic:219420”]
My only goal is to be in better shape[/quote]
What exactly does this mean, how will you know when you’re in better shape? When you weigh 90kg? Bench press 100kg? Run a mile in 5 minutes?

At your age and size, this will have tons more to do with your eating than your training.

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If by big you mean known, then I’m not sure, but according to the site of the gym, he has 10 years of experience as a gym coach (or whatever you call that position). He has participated in several events, a few of them 6th place in IFBB Oslo Grand Prix 2012, 4th place in Lithuanian IFBB championship (I have no idea how to translate the events, sorry), and several other events in Lithuania.
He doesn’t monitor anyone except for females as much as I’ve noticed to be honet, but does give some tips every now and then while he walks through if I don’t ask him anything. He’s not monitoring my progress either. I’m thinking of changing the gym but the other coach is a great guy and always helps, is just screaming with positivity and so on.

@Yogi1 - thanks for the tip, is one exercise enough for those muscle groups?

Yup! Think about it like this, using triceps as an example, they’re worked in your behind the neck press, machine shoulder press, dumbbell press, barbell bench press, incline dumbbell press and then on whatever triceps exercise you choose!

So lots of volume! I’m not saying that there’s not reasons why people have an arms day (I’m actually about to introduce one myself) but it’s not necessary at this stage in your training life.

This guy? Whatever you do, don’t take posing advice or dance lessons from him.

If you’re not paying him and he doesn’t regularly check in with you to see how things are going, then you can either change things up for a different plan or stick to that plan for a month, eat like a monster, and then you follow up with him about how things go.

Well, by shape I mean form/overall physique (my English is poor, I’m trying my best to make sense) - considering my height and weight, I’m skinny with visible fat on my stomach, hips and I don’t have a whole lot of muscle. I’m no expert at this and I’m only trying to get better, but benching or lifting some sort of specific weight isn’t what I exactly focused on, but now that you mentioned it, I do want to reach a goal of weighing 90kg, but I want most of that to be muscle mass.
I am trying to focus on gaining muscle mass (in any way, my low experience would say that you also gain strength?).

And no, the coach is just one of the owners of the gym if I understand correctly, they both come (one does morning-afternoon, other one does till night I think), do their workout and sit by the register or just walk around the gym. They don’t hesitate to help but the one who did my program is just more quiet, doesn’t look positive so to say.

The one you linked in the video is the ‘positive’ coach, but he’s not the one that created my program, the one who did is Marius Vasiliauskas.

I only ask him for form tips and that’s it, I’ve been using my program for 6 months (since January) now but I don’t think I’ve been serious enough with this.
I only pay for the membership of the gym and I paid for the program. I regret paying for the program though, lots of great guides on the internet but oh well, you learn with time.

@Yogi1 I will take note about implementing arm exercises into other days - thank you!