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Which Exercise Would You Choose?

Which exercise would you choose…

to build strength in the shoulders, trap area.

overhead press

or rack pull with a shrug.

They’d be done in the 10x3 Range.

I’d be following either of these with one hand dumbbell snatches (5x5)

So which would you choose for strength/size development. To get that ‘power look’

the rack pull+shrug


the Overhead (standing military) press

Pulls for general upper back mass.

Rack pulls.

Power cleans.

How do rack pulls compare to OL pulls for building trap mass?

I’ve built what trap muscle I have by doing lighter, faster pulls - first KBs, more recently snatch and clean pulls and OLs. I haven’t ever done rack pulls, so I’m wondering how they compare.

Clean and press with either dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, or a sandbag.

Mike Mahler

I’d go with the overhead press because you say you’ll be doing snatches after. Don’t know about you, but I do deadlifts so my traps would be covered.


Personally I like the Clean and Press. But as already mentioned you are doing snatch so go with the press.

Reps with the clean and jerk with dumbbells (heavy ones).Augment your program with the Diversity for Hypertrophy by Chad.Amazing…

All of them. Varity will give you the best results. Throw in some seated dumbell shrugs and some rope face pulls (WSB) and your shoulder girdle will be complete.