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Which Exercise Plan is the Best???


for the past 49 years its been mostly endurance sports.. swimming, running, cycling.. at a nice high level too, but i think its time for a change.. as a 6'145# 54 year old, thts built like a distance runner what is a good plan to get on? now, i have been doing tons of pullups, dips pushups abs, hang cleansfor thes 49 years, so i do train, but for my sport. i have a goal of putting on 10 pounds lean weight, cause i do not want to look like most guys at the local gym. 5'10" 250# with a big gut. all they do is bench and curl.
i want to take this new sport/challenge like i have taken my running to the national level.
what to follow is my question.

the 5 sets of 5? 5,3,1. i heard that bodybuilders like to feel the muscle being worked, so the do a few more reps with a lighter weight.
i also readhere frank zane says 7 pounds of muscle is the max you can put on in a year. no way am i going to eat like a slob, get a gut, then diet.. no way. i will eat clean, and train hard and rest hard. 2hats a good program to follow?
any pointers and opinion are appreciated..

i want to look like frank zane.. 35 pounds less, but the point i am making is to be ripped, like i am now, but much more muscular. 10 pounds more. to some 10 pounds is nothing, but to me thats a start.. be 160 max and cut will be plenty for me.
bruce lee is cut and to most skinny, but thats my body style. that look i'm after.
so whats a good plan to get on?

thaks alot


You probably should look into the 3 way DC split.


Please refer to the following:

Bodybuilding Bible thread
Christian Thibeadeau's "How to Design a Damn Good Program" article
CT's "Pump Down the Volume" article
CT's "Training Strategy Handbook"

From there, you'll be able to design your own program.

Bodybuilders don't train just to "feel a muscle" working. It's part of it, but the number one goal is to get big, which might be accomplished by feeling the muscle SOMETIMES.

Educate yourself on bodybuilding the way you did your running. It's gonna take more than this thread to explain.


Youre in the wrong place.

Go to men's health or something. You are insulting everyone here saying you want to gain ten pounds to build up to a lean 160 at 6'. This is a bodybuilding forum. What you want to do is not bodybuilding. Go somewehre where your goals are accepted. Or expect to be flamed I guess and maybe sift through to find the few posts that may help.


Lol. Trying to make him fail?


so at 145# and trying to get to 160# with a bodybuilding look isnt bodybuilding????
is there a wt. limit on this forum in order to post??



Well the thread got moved. So I guess that helps a bit. Brick gave you some good start points.


I think the guys are just trying to say that looking like zane is a pretty insane goal for a begginer.

Here is why; working out in a sepcific way doesn't transform you into the 70sd bodybuilder of your choice. It makes you into a slightly more muscular you, and that takes year.

My advice is to start with 531 if your new, as it is extreamly simple, emphasizes low vollume and recovery and will help you to get strong enough and enough experience so you can move on to a more complex bodybuilding program.

Once you've done that for a year or so and become a stronger more muscular you, you probably still won't be able to start doing a program that will make you look like zane. You probably have a very different bone structure, and somatype. At that point you could come up with some more specific goals, which would be based on where you are, like "my arms are to small for my body, I want to bring them up" and then you will likely be where bonez and brick would want you to be.

You can't go from beginer to zane in a short time. It took him litterally years to get there, and he had some damn good genetics to start off with.



That is to be more specific, train like a BB'er.

You don't need special programmes and or e-books, you just need to read that shit Brick said to, use some logic and mix it with the common sense God gave you.

Now get it done.


hmmmn; a week on.

How is it going?
Did you pick a program?
What were your first few lifts like?


Would assume it's pretty obvious he ain't coming back, not to this site.